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Two wheel trick?


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Alrite please don't flame me guys. I searched the forum and gamefaqs but couldn't find anything. My question is, how do you go on two wheels? I can't figure it out.


Any help appreciated :)


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Well, get a roly-poly kind of car, a manana, or a landstalker, and just make sharp turns and eventually it'll go up on two wheels. Then you just gotta balance it. Pretty simple.

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the best vehicle for 2 wheels bonus is a helicopter :D

what you have to do is get near a car then get yourself on to 1 side of the heli hold it there for as long as you want then quickly get out and into a near car then it should say '2 wheel bonus' thingy.or you could get a big van like a benson and do it properly

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any1 tried my helicopter version :D

It's hard enough to master 2wheels, in a car, Gnobe.


WhI can't see the point in doing it in a heli..just do it in cars.


Use a Manama or a dodgy van like a Burrito..which tips easily when you turn.

The Precinct - We're upping our standards, so up yours!

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The easyiest way by far is ...


find a Voodoo & park some were without a gang

then use the right analog & go from side to side with it ! the car will land on its side if you time the moves right! then simply drive off on 2 wheels as far as you can !


the best place i would say is the Longest Airport Runway...


:r*:  :sly:  hope this helps yall !

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I'll try to post a movie shows how to do it.



That'll be awesome, FTYG :) I tried to do this but my best was about half second.. so it didn't get recorded :p Oh and, thanks for everyone for the tips!



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Ballistic Jello

The helicopter thing is pretty weird.  Just another strange glitch in glitch happy Vice, I suppose.  :/

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Hi all,


Here is the movie, but I'm really sorry for the shortness & the bad quality, I was looking for the smallest size :(


I hope this will help


Thank you



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