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[Xbox 1] Wrench Life Car Club

Dim4 Fppe

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Wrench life car club is a group of guys and girls that dedicate time and experience to a fun experience for our members and a organized club to call your own. Wrench Life has a strict hierarchy as follows-
Vice President
Sgt @ arms
Prospect manager
Road captain

Upon joining our club you will come in as a Prospect with a sponsor to show you the way of our club, we honor gun restrictions as well as certain vehicle restrictions.

Wrench life has multiple opportunitys b for everyone to get involved, want to bathe in the blood of our enemies? Join executioner squad, in for the cars? Join our multiple race leagues when in season. Enjoy building show cars? Build yours and bring it to our shows! Like fast and the furious? Come to our meets and tear up the streets of Los santos, place bets and earn a wage for working for the club. In Wrench life we offer multiple experiences. Our only chapter is currently located in Los Santos but we are opening more soon.

We are a free aim only club. If you use auto aim we are willing to teach you (we don't really lose in tdms lol)

Wrench life has a long range of age, from 15-41 currently. If you intend to join and scream in the mic like a little girl. Wrench life dosnt want you.

Message President- Dim4 FPPE
Or Secretary- DominusDiablous

Crew page: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/wrenchh_life_cc_ls
To join or inquire.

Edited by ~Tiger~
added RSSC link
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Come to our car meet tonight to see what we're all about! Message Dim4 FPPE Or DominusDiablous for more information!

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