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[PS3] [PS4] a gap in the market - Original MC's with active member


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Hello everyone :monocle:


We see a lot of "MC" recruiting going on here, which can only be good for the MC 'scene' in GTA Online...


What we don't see much of though, is originality; most clubs are either copying real life or in game MC's with little creativity involved. This is confusing because the underpinning theme of GTA is creativity and originality. And shooting people in the face.


If you agree... or even if you don't agree... but you're looking for an active crew... then you could do worse things today than sign up for...


The Bstards MC:

formed 1 year ago on these here very forums, we are literally born out of the love of GTA and it's vocal, active and creative user base. Basically put, we love you all.. but we would still like to shoot some of you in the face.


Here's a link to our recruitment topic from our ps3 days. We also have a web site, youtube channel, twitter account, facebook etc. etc. We're a fictional mc in the digital age !! We still have active ps3 members by the way, so you can still join us if you're an OG on Old Gen.


Feel free to PM me on here or on R* social to request an invite, discuss the moon landings or what you had for breakfast this morning. Don't be a carbon copy, be original. Join the Bstards today!!




Edited by boppa_
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Never really saw the appeal in MC crews on GTA until a few months back lol, i got obsessed with motorcycles and have been wanting to join one ever since :p


I have a question though, given the name and your signature, do you guys accept crotchrocketeers or do you only run with choppers? Im more of a sport biker on GTA.

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To be honest, we're mainly riding choppers but we have been known to host inter-mc bike meets and on those you can ride whatever you want. We've got one coming up on Monday 18th Jan @ 19:00 Eastern - if you want to get involved msg me on PSN.

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