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Moments where you wished you filmed or took a snapshot of..


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Are they any moments where you wish you had recorded or taken a snapshot of to later brag to your friends? or just have for memories, but you missed the chance?


Mine would be my dunce cap beast mask combo that I wore yesterday. I was chosen as the beast in a full lobby, My character morphed into the beast, One second later, I got noticed of being sentenced to bad sport. It landed me back into the original lobby with my dunce cap and beast mask combo


Five seconds later, the beast mask returned to my original face wearing dunce cap but I was still roaring with sound effects.. I was so mad about seeing my 4th bad sport sentence, I logged out. Under Bad sport I would have been allowed one regular lobby of play for the duration of that lobby before I had to serve my sentence.


I should have stayed and played. Imagine rolling up to the beast only to see a different type of beast, The other players would have been confused cause I would be wearing the letter jacket without the beast mask and I could have filmed that

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Filming: parachuting onto a hovering hydra and taking it (dude was afk)


Snapmatic: landing his hydra upside down next to him


When he returned he spawn killed me (i thought he'd be an easy target)

Edited by Broken Condom Kid
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One of my crew mates had to go to ammunation before we triggered a job.

While waiting for him, he came by the job trigger end over end, shedding doors and other car parts...

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I think often the best moments are lost cause were so pumped full of adrenaline or other emotions.

@Broken, that's incredible, I would have loved to see it.


Another moment where I kick myself is when I approached 8 players doing a death match style on the freeroam map. I didn't even have my off radar on, I just pulled up to check out the action, I saw a moment, got out of my car and gunned down 6 of them in short succession , north, south, east west, on every side of me, I was like a 360 Terminator., My friend who sat next to me, his jaw dropped

Later my friend blurted out, RECORD IT !


My ears went death, my fingers suddenly went clumsy and I didn't capture the moment for some reason. I never had another moment like it, so many kills in such brief seconds, Only time I could rack up that many in a few seconds is blowing up a full hot tub on the yacht, lol, or hydra bombing a car meet.

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All the time. Yet the one time when I accidentally hit the "share" button on my new PS4 (controller) was a nightmare experience of "I don't know what I'm doing, how do I stop this, f*ckoff f*ckoff f*ckoff f*ckoff f*ckoff f*ckoff" proportions.

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