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[PS4] GTA V Time Trials


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Time submitted... fingers crossed I do better than the last few rounds.

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Round 07 Results


Another new winner of a Time Trial this round with Vall_es of the Santa Muerte crew taking a well earned victory over 8 tenths faster than Verstappen in 2nd place with the now seemingly regular podium finished trashbags taking the 3rd spot.


As ever the full results can be seen by clicking on the link below for the full PDF.



Edited by doubleg213
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The Championship tables are now also updated and can be seen on the post on the first page as usual.


Summer Championship


Trashbags etains his top spot in the championship although Verstappen has closed the gap down to 2 points with one round to go.

A slower than usual time from Mulder saw him drop down to 5th with Junior Chubb and myself the beneficiaries of that one.


Overall Championship


There is little change at the top of the Overall Championship other than Trashbags extending his lead. However with 6 rounds to go there is plenty of time for that to change. 

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Well played Vall 👍


Thanks G for another well organised round.

Edited by JuniorChubb
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New round details are now up and can be found on the first page as usual.



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  • 3 weeks later...

Just giving this a bump as this round ends tonight!

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1 minute ago, Verstappen said:

You're online tonight @JuniorChubb? Before 7:30pm? We can do some rounds.

I’ll be  there 👍


Get that Super Car pic too.

Edited by JuniorChubb
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Results done now for round 8.


Trashbags takes another round win with Chubb in his best every result taking 2nd place and myself taking the final podium spot.


The full results can be found in the handy link below.


Round 8 Full Results


And as it's the final round of the Summer season we now also have a championship winner with Trashbags taking his first every championship win by 6 points to Stappen.





The overall tables for the year and the full 2019 Summer season tables can be found on the first page as usual.


Round 9 will go up on Monday to kick off the Winter season, however if I get everything done that I want to I may publish early and let the round run long.

Edited by doubleg213
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I seem to be missing the results with lap time for Round 8?


Otherwise, that was a nice shot track for a small car. :D

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Updated, the link occasionally doesn't paste in correctly since the forum change. 

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Well done Traaaaaaaaashbags!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Round 9 is now up and we move into the last season of this years championship with a trip to the mountains with some big V8 power fun.




We'll be using a car I absolutely love for this one, been a massive fan of the Hellcat and all it's variants since Dodge started down that road so was chuffed they added a GTA equivalent for us to play with.


The Gordodrome circuit starts off with a fairly tight section before opening up for some very fast sections for the remainder of the lap. Even the fast sections should be interesting, you will need bravery on them to really get the best lap but that will mean some hanging on to deal with the slightly wayward handling.

Edited by doubleg213
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  • 3 weeks later...

Little bit late with the results as both Monday and yesterday I had things on till quite late in the day and was frankly too knackered to do fairly simple tasks. 


Another win for Trashbags who looks nailed on to be the 2019 Overall champion barring any major errors, Mulder was close behind as the only other driver to place a time under the 1:09 barrier, had it not been for a missed round early at the end of the Summer season he would most likely be up there challenging for the title at the moment.


Full results are available here.


Although the overall championship looks done the winter championship is still there to be fought for.


The championship tables for the overall championship are now updated on the first page of the thread (you may need to refresh if they do not show up to round 9).


I've not added the Winter table yet, as it's self evident with this being the first round of the season.


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Round 10 is now ready to go, a little bit slower than usual, but the real world will cause that to happen unfortunately. 


Something else with some interesting characteristics this week, a tight and twisty run around Sandy Shores in the ultra tail happy Karin Futo to keep us entertained, the track is another one of JuniorChubbs, so all complaints can be directed to him.


As ever, the full details have been updated on page 1. 

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