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GTA Online Screenshots & Snapmatics


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this forum has some people who don't think before they speak or understand clearly what was said.


anyway today there was a guy who had a bounty on his head lets call him joe... I managed to snipe him from a far as he tried to get in a buzzard. i think he was annoyed then i drove away towards other guys who i was having a free roam deathmatch with before.. joe comes a few minutes later with a buzzard to try to kill me...misses all his shot as i swerve around with my zentorno and then i try to stay under him so he cant get a shot at me. he then flies away. he later comes back with a jet. i try to stay clear of him... i think he killed my twice and kills other players and eventually crashes. now theres only a few left in the session as most left...i then kill him a few times... i drive away and do my own thing. then i see him coming towards me in a tank. i get out my zentorno plant 5 sticky bombs on my hood, go off rader and then come up behind the tank and drive in to it and blow the stickies and bam ... i destroy him and myself...he then screams on the mic something along the lines of "u pussy off rader pusssyyy. hello everyone this guy is a f*cking pussy going off rader". spawns as passive and then leaves lol....am i the pussy or is he???...me going off rader was a strategic move. he didnt try to kill me on foot...just buzzard, jet and tank. irony much? i really dont understand these kind of people...oh and the ones who say u are a pussy for being in passive when they are in tank???

Edited by [email protected]
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Wastelander (Suzuki)

"Eat your fiber Timmy!"


I remember most of that day online very well. That was just the start to the bullsh*t that happened that day

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Introducing my friend, Ben Dover:


When you gotta go, you gotta go:


Just another afternoon in Trevor's life:


Chilling out after a hard day of work:


$300 well spent:


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the british are coming!! alert george washington! we shall engage the enemy at lexington and concord. get your muskets and cannons ready!

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"Juan Pablo got us stuck in the weight room again... Damn you Juan Pablo."

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Eh, why not!? I'll post some pics from the underwater photoshoot I had this week.


"Waiting Shark"






"Submersible Patience"






"Lost Cargo"






"Dark Dreary I"






"Dark Dreary II"






"Woe of the Green Ones"






"Crash Landing"





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My friend and I decided to stuff a Rapid GT and Exemplar into Ponsonby's while we were waiting for someone to join.



"You can't tell me what to do."





"When you see it..."







Edited by ZeroSafe5615
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