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GTA Online Screenshots & Snapmatics

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you.      

Another victim of Taco Bell.

I\m a f*cking pro at taking pointless pictures lol.                

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Nice pics the last few pages, I was gonna take a break from GTA entirely but a friend showed me a cutscene recorder, I've really enjoyed it. Took some effort rigging my character to it but in the end it worked out quite nicely. Enjoy some 4k goodness.



Thinking about lunch while this old bald man yells at me



How everyone looks at Agent 14



"Mmh, mmh, mmh."






Champagne, anyone.




Social Media Addict



Few old ones




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i thought this one was kinda funny.

i just went back to playing gta online, after playing rdr2 online until i started kind of getting board of it.

i spawned into a lobby i saw then message about r* giving me clothes.

i found out it was the new mask and suite.



Edited by hugh750
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9 hours ago, El Cavilldo said:

What the hell is even that? :blink:image?url=MSVnmBUo_fHjbLYMjAEUQ8hxuvVvKKq5WWXWPr0sgiLkqKQxEEjAzc24Fs7_UQ5LjlIRtpA5ItWNaueLr7Ny5K_sAUnuwuPR1qklxf0OvYjT.1WwuMRECaEB5O5IH_zwel8B7Cuyzuap2KVe9qoCLfpq_zIRGm1Q7H_E9hgzWfxPTwRPOd0Xqj3C3TKw9XuERG4NUB45Kp0XgyLHPfgx3.a3pVGith9supqDjPqwrYowuRze3Fg8TYQt8x5EUp5NSffMAk4oBpaNyZNjTq3NN9_uTarszhS7Gyh21AYyDcY-&h=1350&w=1350&format=jpg

I'm guessing someone ate a peyote plant, turned into a cow, and is riding a Hayabusa Hakouchou with a girl on the back

Edited by AirWolf359
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Apparently, Starbucks isn't the only business in town that's into mermaids. I've been spending time lately walking around just looking at all the store logos and signs posted around the map.



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I don't really know were to put this picture but here you guys go yall can do some speculation all i know is that ProjectsCityHD he is also followed by Rockstar Image 

here is a better picture


he also said this i think he is implying on the December update the biggest update ever coming to GTAO the second picture has a map emoji a fire emoji and a popcorn emoji maybe saying your not going to miss this big update it's going to be lit and grab some popcorn. The map emoji can probably mean a map expansion or a globally awesome update. the other picture is for sure saying start saving up in GTAO for the December update for a new kind of heist to make big money.


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