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Andreas' Stories


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Andreas Stories


Welcome to Andreas Stories, the MP is about a guy named Andreas, co-leader of Grove Street in 1995, that goes through random things, of course.




Chapter 1: Andreas is released after serving 3 years in prison, he comes back to Grove, to destroy all enemy gangs, the Ballas and the Vagos.


Chapter 2: With gangs weakened, finding out that Troy, Tarnell, and Mickey are traitors, Andreas wants to earn some good money.


Chapter 3: Andreas, along with several Grove members, are pretty much on exile after stealing all the drug plantation, now they are looking to take the heat off them, taking down the biggest drug ring in SA


Chapter 4: The Drug Ring leader, only survivor of the disaster, has kidnapped L.Big, and Andreas has to do things to get him out.


Chapter 5: Andreas arrives with his friends to LV, taking out mafias, planning the big score, and getting very rich


Chapter 6: With the heat off, and L.Big released, Andreas and his friends are off too end all the crap once and for all, taking out the traitors (Troy has been taken out in Chapter 5)


More topic soon, i'm too lazy to write all of that,


Yes, yes i know i made a similar topic, but it didn't bring too much attention, so i made another one ;)



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