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Mugetsuga's Workshop


Recommended Posts

Anyway i have kinda request for you when you will have time. Will you do a gta3 and/or vc The Hero Xbox vehicles fixed?? those bugs that are in his vehicles are also in original xbox gta vc

Few of them for vc the Police Car have a black thing on VCPD Departament logo Greenwood have a coulored steering wheel Washington is only in one colour etc... Stretch have messed up front. FOR GTA 3 taxi doesnt have kinda "texture" above the wheels and police car does but taxi miss it... some steering wheels are broken and also can you make a XBOX VC vehicles in a cutscene versions?

Edited by NOskillx
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ok :) btw by that i meant to improve an already converted by The Hero Xbox cars to pc and just fix bugs that are in an conversion however those are not conversion bugs those were in real xbox game too

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Hey, I have a request. I don't know if you can do it though. I was digging into wetobjs.asi script for SA and adds the light source reflection on the roads when it's rainy but has a nasty bug, the light reflection is even on grass or sand. Then, looking for an alternative I found this but the files (they are all IDE files with the flag enabled) are for the PC map, that means doesn't work with the PS2 map due to their differences. So, is it possible that you can port that fix to the PS2 map? I don't know which flag needs to be edited to enable the light source reflection in every IDE, so I requesting you this if you can do it of course.







Here it is alternative download.

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  • 4 weeks later...

How did you come up to this conclusion?


Another thing, when I have time, it doesn't mean I'm working on this. Sometimes I'm tired to work on this and I change my mind by doing something else. It can be related to GTA, like PS2 screens or I play a game entirely different.

In brief, just wait, till I'm satisfied, there won't be any download link and there won't be anymore news, nothing interesting to show.


That part of the post was clear on what was going on.

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How did you come up to this conclusion?

What? I didn't come up to any conclusion, I'm only asking. And about the PS2 stuff, that's fine, I'll wait then.

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This is going be a silly question I think but i'm guessing I can your map fixes along with El Dorado's PS2 Map + his fixes? I don't know if they are direct fixes towards the PC map or to the PS2 map.

Edited by francisisgay
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  • 3 weeks later...

It's been a while I didn't do something for San Andreas.


Reports from TWIST_OF_HATE.

Mugetsuga, some time ago I found few issues in SA, may be you can handle them ))


1. Lod:






2. Flying vegetation:






3. Ghost mountain:






4. Annoying thing:






5. And you already saw this, IINM.






6. Just found:






1, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are fixed.


1. lod_cs_landbit_23.dff
3. xoverlaymap09.dff
4. lasgrifroad.dff
5. snpedteew2_las2.dff and las2_stream1.ipl
6. LAe.ide



For 2, if someone know the name of the DFF.


Report in SkyGfx.

Some plants doesn't have backface texture!







fosterflowers1.dff and fosterflowers02.dff










Reports from PS2 map + map fixes.


is this topic still ongoing? if so, I'd like to point out some grass growing out the concrete near LSX:








At the same time, I fixed the grass being too bright at night in the airport.

las_1.col and las_2.col











This bug will suit ??








vgsSspagjun08.dff, VegasSroad0522a.dff and VegasSland36

Now that I think of it - that bug is present on PS2. So is this one:







PM reports.


roadsSFSE58.dff and drivingsch_SFS.dff

Before (Day):




After (Day):




Before (Night):




After (Night):






land_37_sfw and sfw_1.col


















blokmod2_sfw01.dff, land_42_sfw.dff and road_SFW39.dff









vendmach.dff and vendmachfd.dff (Screenshots took with in-game brightness set to max)









During Explosive Situation.

barrier.txd and props.col (If you're using PS2 Feels, you don't need the TXD, it's for people using PC textures)












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Great work Mugetsuga! :O


Every fix from you is compatible with the 1:1 PS2 map conversion? Also, is every fix that have you made for GTA3, Vice City and San Andreas are posted here, in your Workshop or some of them are missing? I want to use only your fixes on every game, they're just amazing.

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Thanks. :)


DFFs should be fine. IPLs, IDEs or COLs makes the game crash.

Some are missing for GTA III. When I'll finally decide to finish PS2 Feels, everything will be there.

For Vice City, all the fixes I have done are dependent of VCLF, I would have to check the whole topic to remember what I have done. That's why there's nothing concerning Vice City in the first post.

And San Andreas, pretty much all of them are here, maybe some IDE flags changes from some files are not there for now (Verdant Meadows, Santa Maria Beach), but that's gonna change. For now, I just edited what has been reported but I have my own plans.

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Can you post the IDE value from this one? I want to put it on the PS2 map.











And finally, can you do this one for the PS2 map as well? And if you don't want to post it here, drop it in a PM if you want.

Edited by Inadequate
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All the map fixes in your workshop will work fine with this map?

Yes, they will work.



Hey, what's up. Can I send you a PM in a few days? I lost my SA installation a time ago (using default map, not converted PS2) and I need to recover some (or a lot?) fixes and stuff, so I will ask you about them.

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Great fixes.


Some bugs I think I've found:


This road isn't accurately modelled;



Seems like a vertex problem;




Another vertex problem;




This collision doesn't match the actual train station model;



But matches the beta San Fierro train station sign shown here: http://i.imgur.com/AyIlcCe.jpg

Edited by Guest
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Sure Inadequate.


lahills_wiresnsh*t3.txd, PS2 Feels




Fixed, just redownload PS2 Feels update.




Interesting Napoleone.


San Andreas fixes updated.

Two other reports from PS2 map + map fixes.










Noticed peds sitting in mid air around this area:



No more pedestrians sitting here.


All the map fixes in your workshop will work fine with this map?

Now yes. las2_stream1.ipl has been updated with the changes from PS2 map + map fixes.





Converted PS2 map fixes updated.



Only the COLs of Bright and dark grass are missing.

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Can you post the IDE value from this one? I want to put it on the PS2 map.

Can you post it? I have a modified LAe.ide and when I'm using yours is overwriting mine.

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So, i have to download San Andreas Fixes or Coverted PS2 Map Fixes? What about other fixes?

Since you asked if my fixes were compatible with PS2 map + map fixes, you're using the default PC map right? If so, you don't need Converted PS2 map fixes.


All the download links below "Map fixes" and "Pack" are for the PC map.

What's below "PS2 map fixes" is for the converted map.


Can you post it? I have a modified LAe.ide and when I'm using yours is overwriting mine.


5639, LAEdirtapha, laealpha, 200, 0


5639, LAEdirtapha, laealpha, 200, 4

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It's not that it doesn't happens with Mod Loader, it's just that Mod Loader ignores them.

I've done some tests and it's the result, Mod Loader ignores a good number of TXDs in models folder.

Actually, pcbtns.txd in models folder and all the TXDs starting by LD in txd folder are ignored by Mod Loader.

IDK it might be you actually. I just tested PS2 Feels without the update in Mod Loader and got the same bug as before, also it says in its log that all LD_ textures and pcbtns.txd are installed. Try to look at yours log and see what it says.

Edited by Tomas.
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