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Rumour has it that the Schafter V12 is the fastest car for top speed.

I own one and would like to race anyone to try it out.


Message me or add your GT here.

My GT: FatalityCinema

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tested this at the airport, all supercars beat the Schafter down the runway ( although Schafter does start to claw back some ground) so yes technical a higher top speed but there's no where on the map you can actually put the top speed to use.

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I would like to know your results. Especially if you're not taking into account 0-60.

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V12 is a great car, I was using my Armoured V12.

0-60 its a fail against everything.

Top speed will beat the fastest known cars.

Including Turismo R, Dinka Race Car, T20.

But... with the results conclusive and tried over and over again.

The V12 is NOT the fastest car in the game.

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If you have a car that you think is fast, add /message me. Lets race =D

GT: FatalityCinema

Edited by FatalityCinema
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I don't know why this threads keep popping up, all tops speeds, lap times, etc, are already written.

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Add/message me - GT: FatalityCinema

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Or add your GT here, I challenge YOU to YOUR fastest vehicle. You WILL lose I guarantee it!!

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