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dat lambo kid

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dat lambo kid

Tonight at 10:00 EST I will be hosting a meet/cruise/race.

All cars are welcome.

Message me to be invited, in your message tell me what car and if it is upgraded for performance, if it is only visual i do not need to know. Everyone who joins will be invited to party chat, i do not have a mic yet, i will soon.




No Killing

No Wrecking Others Cars

No Wanted Levels

No Trolls


At 10:00 we will meet at Los Santos Customs in downtown, at 10:15 we will cruise to sandy shores airfield, when we get there we will chill,drift,burnout and race. To challenge someone line up or honk directly in front of their car. To start race go when the person on the right makes third honk, not before, right after.


GT: Rolla D

Edited by dat lambo kid
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dat lambo kid

Oh man sorry guys, i did not see your posts. I will do this again.


I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who came out yesterday. I had a great time, there was a bit of a delay even i started a little early, there were still people trying to get and i was going crazy responding to messages and sending invites while trying to attend. I learned a couple tricks such as adding anyone who wants to join so we all join a party making chatting easier, i can also invite easier. I also know to start a new session if people can't join.


enlightenment11 and MalikaiAG i will send you invites to next meet.


The next meet won't be until I get a mic. Ill try and get one tomorrow.

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