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Kills not counted in survival


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Since switching to PS4 I've noticed a very annoying bug; many of my kills in survival are not being counted. This isn't an isolated incident, I've observed it many, many times. In fact, it happens in almost every survival I play, and ranges from just a few kills to like half my kills not being counted per wave. If I press the down button, I can see for sure they are not being counted; I will shoot the NPC in the head, the screen will flash and the cursor will show an "X", the NPC will go down and their red dot on the HUD disappears. However, the kill counter next to my name does not show that I got the kill, and I also don't get the RP from the kill either. Does anyone know what causes this bug, or if there is any possible way to get around it so all my kills will be counted?


EDIT: I should also add that I know the kills are not being counted for a different player either. I make a point of bringing up the expanded HUD every time I notice my kills are not being counted so I can see the kill counter, and I can clearly see that no other player is getting a kill either. A lot of times I am also the only one in a position who could have gotten the shot. This happens so frequently that I have been able to observe it many times, I am sure that many of my kills are not being counted.

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Maybe you didn't kill them and a friend or random player did ( they took the final shot )


EDIT: as well occasionally they kill each other when in large groups by accident.

Edited by ce102088
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I can confirm this exists. For me it happens right when big groups of enemies spawn in. The only thing I've seen work to actually get them to count is to wait a few seconds. If you start popping them right as they spawn in, it's like the game isn't registering them as existing. So I wait for them to start moving and then usually they'll count and give me the RP.

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The ones you blow up in cars, Grangers, etc., will not count. I've checked this many times over. Also, if you sticky a spawn point (like that first fence/garage area in Sandy survival) and detonate too early, the kills don't register. That's anywhere between 4-7 guys you don't get credit for. To me, it really doesn't matter because that's just less bad guys to deal with on the way to 30K. :) But your observations are correct.

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