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Recommended Posts

look.  for the flamers in the forums.  dont flame me its just a question, but not a noob question.  How many of you have actually beat the game 100%.  Everyone says they have but have u really?  I know probaly a lot of people have but how many do u think r just lying?  


just a question



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your probaly right.  I dont have a ps2 but i play my friends a lot with vice but we always do the missions and stuff but nevery really got to 100.  ohh well.

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I have about 78% and I only have a few more things to go like finding hidden packages (well the 2 hidden packages I can't find for the life of me :angry: ), stunt jumps and whatnot. But I haven't got 100% ever before.

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i have completed all the main missions, but i only have about 60%   i can't really be bothered

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I compleated it around christmas and now i have finished all the missioins and all the hidden packages on my second game

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Vice City's Best Of The Best

ya i only got 78% and i still have to do like Packeges and uniqe stunt jumps and ambo and fire missions and pizza boy  :(

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I got 100% a week after I got it. Its really easy if you sit down and play it on a weekend......without sleep lol.

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The Eye of Sauron

I'm almost there. All I got left is 15 more unique stunts and the taxi drop off missions. I should be finished by tonight!

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I am at 63% right now, i don't hink i will ever get 100%. To lazy. Also not that interested. I like Gta3 way better than vice. I like the cold urban hard crime feeling it has.

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M. H. Hunter III

i have 100% and it's kewl when u really beat it cause you get .................. that fallow u around

La famiglia è tutto

The strength of a family,
like the strength of an army is in its loyalty to each other.
~ Mario Puzo ~

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