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[V|REL] GIMS Evo for GTA V

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Please, any solution for "Shared Core Error" in 3DS Max 2020?

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Posted (edited)
  • How to properly import a ped model in 3D MAX (if the model after import is missing bone names, or skinning applied wrong)?

For an example, the model's name is "ig_beverly.ydd".

Export it to the openFormats(press RMB and select "Save content").

Find the game .YFT file (it's often the same name and location, like "ig_beverly.yft"), and export its skeleton to the same folder as the model(press RMB and select "Export skeleton to openFormats").

Go to that folder, find "ig_beverly.skel" file, and add " FULL"(without quotes, and mind the whitespace here) to the name of it, so the full file name would be like "ig_beverly FULL.skel".

Now you can import "ig_beverly.odd" file from that folder, and it will load proper skeleton and skinning.

The same scheme applies to .YDR files.

That not halp me
after import it not read bones from skel file and get error about dont can find csb_stripper_01.skel if it rename in csb_stripper_01 FULL.skel

UPD its stramed peds and required skel copy for each odr

Edited by QvH

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This video might help you to get better rigging results.

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I have the problem of the core. I install different versions from different web sites, but It puts everytime. Shared Core Error: only throws without arguments permitted in catch expressions. I tried with 3dsmax 2020 and 2021 and same problem.

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