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Favorite radio station in GTA VC


Favorite radio station  

45 members have voted

  1. 1. What is your favorite radio station?

    • Wildstyle
    • Flash FM
    • K-Chat
    • Fever 105
    • V-Rock
    • VCPR
    • Radio Espantoso
    • Emotion 98.3
    • Wave 103
    • MP3 Player
    • No Favorite

Recommended Posts

Man, I don't actually have a favorite station. They really are all pretty awesome!


I wish Radio Espantoso was in English, because I have read a translation of hector's on-air dialog and it is hilarious, but I don't speak Spanish. I am not a fan of rap, but I even enjoy those stations.

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Cruising on ocean beach with a Love fist limo, in Tommy Vercetti suit, with my favorite mp3 song during sunset is just amazing.

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V-Rock (my second pick would be Espantoso)


All that classic (true) metal in one place. You got greats such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest AND Ozzy Osbourne in one place (as well as many others). Only thing that was missing were Dio, Manowar, Motörhead and early Metallica to complete its gloriouness. Not really a rock radio station per se, but one of the best ever, although small by today's standarts. Good luck beating it!

Edited by BlackSnow176
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Fever 105 was amazing. The Whispers and Fat Larry's Band, Michael Jackson and Evelyn King, Pointer Sisters and Rene & Angela. Summer Madness. There's not a bad station on Vice City's radio dial but Fever was mixed to near perfection.

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I really enjoyed Wave 103. There was a lot of great artists on this station. Tears for Fears, The Psychedelic Furs, Gary Numan, A Flock of Seagulls and all that stuff.

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I like listening to Emotion 98.3 or Flash FM because they play some really good classic songs from artists like Michael Jackson, Toto, Cutting Crew etc. It's always joyful listening to the radio while playing VC. :lol:

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The VC soundtrack was meh imo, the worst thing was that each time you load the game, the same tracks played. I guess I have to go with Wildstyle, but it needed more oldschool Breakbeat/Electro stuff. And Techno lol.


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When compared to VCS, it's low.

I just listen only to some songs on: Emotion/Flash/Fever.

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Algonquin Assassin

I really like Emotion. I'm sappy for those 80s love tracks.

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GTA IV Signature V4 by Lettermaniac on DeviantArt

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"Hello, I am Fernando Martinez and this is Emotion..." Yeah I like Emotion 98.3 the most, has a great set of songs, V-rock also had a few songs I liked but that's about it. I listen just to those two radio stations the whole time. Never got bored of them tbh. Great stuff

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I love every bit of the radio in this game, yes even Love Missile F1-11 and Japanese Boy. But if I had to pick just one station, it would be Fever.

Edited by Niall
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I love Flash FM, Fever, Emotion, but MOSTLY my MP3Player lol, but i hate the way it organizes the files i put there.. it plays in alphabetical order..but hell.

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Radio stations of GTA VC are one of reasons which makes you love the game. For me i can't pick one as a favorite, voting is useless in this case. According to my mood and what i am doing in the game i tackle through stations, from Wildstyle (1st one) to Wave 103 (the last one) in addition to the funny interviews of KCHAT and VCPR.

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I love Flash a tiny bit more than Wave, for two reasons - The Buggles (Video Killed the Radio Star was the first video on MTV,) and Laura Branigan (JSYK, Self Control was the first video MTV said it had to be edited before they'd air it because it had suspect subject matter, she's a badass!)


But the Wave is just perfect - New Wave at its peak, with The Human League, Nena, Blondie, and Spandau Ballet, UGH I love them both!

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