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New Roleplaying Clan!


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Hey guys,


So, I'm not really sure how well this will go down but it's worth a shot to see just how many people would be willing to do it.


I am a lover of role-playing, as I feel it can really bring out a side of the game that the mass bloodshed and car-jacking can't. I have a lot of experience in role-playing clans and after recently purchasing a PC, I feel that the GTA V PC community could do with a professional one.


So my proposition to you all is this, I will leave this post up for a week. If I receive more than 10 requests for this clan to be created then I will make the clan and begin professional role-play sessions. This is a proper clan, mind you. All money will be kept track of, careers will be progressed through at a reasonable rate and the players that join must be sensible enough to want to partake in role-playing properly. Not to say this will be boring, however, because there will be enough events and occurrences around the map and during sessions that will keep players occupied.


I will create an external website to monitor everything and so that the players can keep track of the clan events.


If (with the little detail I've included :/ ) decide this clan could be for you and you enjoy roleplaying yourself, please contact me via one of the methods below. If these aren't available to you for some reason at the time, please leave a comment and watch this space for if I do end up creating the clan after all :colgate:


Thanks for your time and I hope to create a clan with some of you at some point! :lol:





Methods of contact:


Skype: alex.fothergill97


Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/KonfliktHD


Social Club: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/konflikthd



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