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GTA V Xbox One- Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay (ZARP)

IG Airassault54

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IG Airassault54



Hello everybody and thank you for checking out my Event. Here is a quick video showcasing some of the game play-- Almost 350,000 Views!!! You do not need to be signed up for IG/ my community to get into this event-- We want to make sure that we can get as many people involved in this as possible.




If one video is not proof enough here is a link to more gameplay for this awesome gamemode


I will be hosting GTA V Custom Zombies on Xbox One every Saturday at 7 pm central-- Event will start at 7 pm central. Make sure that you try and arrive at 6:45 pm central and msg me IG Airassault54 for a slot reservation. You must be in the lobby before 7 to keep your slot reservation.


You can RSVP for the slot reservation on this thread just say RSVP plus the date and you must have already filled out the template below. Please fill out template below-- If you do not have a mic you will be less likely to get into the event. We want to make sure everybody has a good experience with the event and it is as enjoyable as possible. Communication and Teamwork is key in this roleplay.






Experience with custom games= (Years? Months? None)


If you RSVP and you do not show up to the event you will be temporarily removed from events from 1-5 weeks. Do not abuse the slot reservations or you will be blacklisted from the event and you will no longer be able to participate in my Roleplay Servers.




There are 5 types of players in the game. Survivors, Lawmen, Bandits, and Zombies(Alpha Zombies)



All human players start of with 3 lives--You only switch to zombies when you are killed by a zombie or while infected



Survivors= You may only use vehicles for barricading and you must have a friendly survivor push the car. You are allowed to use every weapon that is not listed below. You may not leave the boundary area(Usually shown by knives). Be truthful. If you die by a zombie you turn into a zombie. No iron lungs (Running for more then a minute from a zombie). You are not allowed to kill Lawmen unless you want to be a bandit. If a zombie hits you once your infected(See antidote below)


Antidote- 7 Zombie Kills or 3 Human kills (Antidote is the only thing that will stop your from getting infected) Only works once.


Weapons that are not allowed= Explosives, Miniguns, Tear Gas, Assault Shotgun, Snipers, Heavy Shotgun, Flare Gun, Marksman Pistol, Musket, MG/Combat MG, Rail Gun,


These weapons are not allowed to balance the Roleplay and keep the Zombies from doing the epic Rage Quit.


Spot rules- Ladder spot can only be used if a friend is guarding the ladder-- 2 way ladder= 1 human--- 2 way ladder and staircase = 3 humans---staircase or one way entry= 2 survivors---- Climb spot = 1 human -----Double Climb= 1 human----Jump spot= 1 human---- 2 way entryway= 4 humans


If you are on a ladder and your buddy guarding dies you must get off immediately.


Lawmen= You must kill one bandit to become- Must wear some type of Cowboy Hat, Top Hat, or Bulletproof Helmet only(No motorcycles thats for zombies)

You will receive 1 extra life, Tear Gas, Body Armor, Combat MG/MG.


Bandit= You must kill a survivor to become- You will receive Bolt Action Snipers and you must wear a mask if you use those two snipers. Nobody knows you are a bandit except the person that you killed. You can be shot on site when you have the mask on. You cannot take off the mask once you put it on.


Alpha Zombie=Must wear a mask to distinguish as an Alpha Zombie. May use any melee weapon. May wear body armor. May reveal all players.

Infection= 4 minutes for regular zombies and 2 minutes for Alpha Zombies.(If u are hit by one you will need to get an antidote)

Zombie=Must wear motorcycle helmet-- May only use blunt melee weapons.


Misc= Do not use your phone at all during the zombie game unless you need to contact the host. If you believe someone is cheating do not take it into your own hands to enforce rules. Be respectful. Remember this is a privilege and not a right to play. Be honest. Have a good time!!!


If you guys have any questions or suggestions feel free to comment!!! I will be editing rules as necessary to keep the game balanced--


Also looking for people to create Zombie Maps-- Pm me on one to learn more!!!

Edited by IG Airassault54
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IG Airassault54

So nobody at all is interested in an event like this? It says nobody viewed this event or replied.

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  • 8 months later...
IG Airassault54

Updated with new times--- New updates on rules will be added soon-- U can pm me on here for questions!


Get into the holiday spirit through October while enjoying our zombie roleplay events.

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  • 2 weeks later...
IG Airassault54

Still hosting this event every saturday.. be sure to post ur xbox one gamertag and copy the template above to get into the events!

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  • 1 month later...
  • 2 years later...
  • 10 months later...
IG Airassault54

We are still doing these zombie events after years. Just look up Insaniac Gaming on youtube and get involved.

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  • 1 month later...

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