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10 best looking cars


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I would like to have a garage with some good looking cars. How would you fill up this garage and do you have any suggestions? Pictures are appreciated

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Arrows to Athens

Oracle XS






Furore GT














Edited by Fearx--
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Penumbra (terrible performance tho, just eye candy)


Vacca ( good, but beaten by many supers and sports)



Edited by Broken Condom Kid
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All comes down to taste. Your garage should have cars that you appreciate.

But seeing you want pics, might as well share my favorites. These are all past GTA cars and that I've loved ever since (so many more I could post but I only took those that I think are best-looking):

The Banshee - with top is best but topless is also good:


Personal favorite of mine is the Infernus:

Comet is a close second - some fans of the Comet prefer the GTA IV version that has no wing on the back. I can live with it so I don't mind it much:


Edited by livejoker
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Kuruma N/A

Sandking XL

Sentinel XS


All in no particular order.

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Romero- Good performance and looks; easy to find

Roosevelt- Nice modern look

Franken Stange- Spaceship on wheels

Lurcher- Really good handling

Ingot- I don't even need to justify this one

Go Go Monkey Blista- Fast, maneuverable

Clown Van- I really like the styling of this one

Sovereign- It has so many options for paint schemes

Technical- Just gives you that 'middle-eastern' feel, ya know?

Dubsta 6x6- One of the earliest cars you unlock and it cheap so it is a good low-level workhorse

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Look through the new Tampa appreciation thread and you'll see real quick there is no common good looking vehicle


What you may like might make my eyes bleed and vice versa....


If you want to look at examples of customization there's an appreciation thread for every car in the game


but you want pictures so here's my classics garage





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Smooth Longsack

The best looking garages, imo, are comprised of sports classics and muscles. I love the looks of the new nightshade and tampa but find them inexcusably slow. I only have those on modded account. I don't find them worth having on my main

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I forget the names of the cars in game very often, so in case I do that, I will name it real life compartment.

1. Vanquish (I think Massacro or is it another aston?), can make it both look sleek or agressively beautiful. Put some black rims on and paint it ultra blue and you have a racing car. Paint it gray with white pearl and you have a classy gentleman's GT.

2. Carbonizzare. There is a general rule about cars- in order for the car to be truly beautiful, it should look beautiful in ANY color. Of course that was said during the times when nobody painted their cars matte or chrome, but the rule persists. This masterpiece of a car, which looks miles better than it's real life compartment (Hello, Ferrari) is beautiful in any color, especially in Torino red or in that ''ferrari yellow'', can't recall the name. Not gonna go into the driving pleasure and the exhaust note, because it is not the looks of it. Also, it is a hardtop that looks beautiful with it on or of. In my opinion, this is the most beautiful car of the whole series, dare I say. Also, it's rarity in online makes it even more unique. For some reason people just don't use it. It was the first car I bought full price, and it will forever stay in my heart, so if you ever see a torino red carbonizzare with ''1RSTLOVE" plate, give me a beep.

3. Stinger topless- all of it's variations are beautiful, but to me, the topless version is special. A 1957 Ferrari California SWB. I mean cmon.

4. Infernus- another car that proves the ''any color'' rule. It is a true lambo in all the right places, and a zonda at the back. Perhaps it is more of a nostalgia to me why I love this car so much, but to me, it will always remain in my garage.

5. Ruiner- this bird starts a fire in my heart (get it? Firebird? Oh, whatever). Black with gold striper or white stripes in my case, and 80ies tunes blasting out of it.

6. Virgo would win this if not for the rear, and more importantly, had it had a convertible/ vinyl paintable roof, and manana would have if not for the front lights. I give this place to Tornado, for having that true 50ies american luxury coupe feeling and looks. Both hardtop and roofless version look spectacular.

7. Coquette blackfin. Rivals- coquette classic (not so beautiful due to those headlights), db5 aston (due to those machineguns being non removable)

8. Coquette- when the car in the game looks better than it's real life compartment, you gotta give them credit. See P.S. section.

9. Windsor- this car just screams ''get out of my way, peasant'', despite being by far not the most expensive car in the game.

10. Furore GT- Maserati alfieri, cmon..

Honorable mentions that didn't fit into the list- Sabre Turbo, Dukes, Dominator. Bucaneer.

P.S. Ok, and I think I can't leave these cars as honorable mentions, since when a game creator implies ''WELL IT ISNT THE EXACT SAME CAR'' but the car in game looks the same or BETTER, they deserve this, ROCKSTAR, IF YOU SEE THIS, THANK YOU- dubsta (I almost forgot real life G class has different rear), Stirling GT? The SLR gullwing mercedes. Damn, I thought this is rockstar's approach to how 300sl looks, turns out there is such a car. Next, cognoscenti suv, huntley S or huntley sport right? It looks miles better than it's real life compartment, and along with Oracle, the in game car came out 2years before it's OFFICIAL design was leaked. I am sensing some conspiracy here, rockstar.. :D Mclaren p1? Can you actually remember how it looks in real life? Oh and Pagani huayra, damn R*, you guys made a great job. This car looks better in game than in real life. Just sad those headlights didn't come on Turismo R, but well.


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"De gustibus et coloribus non disputandum."


Nevertheless, here's my top 10:



1. Monroe

2. Dukes

3. Sabre Turbo

4. Pigalle

5. Tampa



1. Vacca

2. Massacro

3. Carbonizzare

4. Osiris

5. T20

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f*ck me is this hard

(in no particular order)

1.Turismo Rlnii3N0.jpg






7.Stirling GTfhdex6k.jpg




Edited by CrysisAverted
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Banshee, Bullet, Infernus, Furore, F620, Cognesceti Cabrio, Z Type, Stirling GT.


EDIT: Oh, ranked?



Furore GT


Banshee (hard topped)




Z Type


Edit 2:


Edited by gfen
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Monroe, Stirling GT, and Casco right off the bat. Sadly I don't have shots of 'em.


Stinger GT of course.





Stinger topless as well.


















And the new ones.

Mamba, and obviously the Verlier...

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I guess it depends on your own personal taste, but I like to have a balance between performance and looks. I like to have a few that handle well and are reasonably quick because you may need that on occasion, but I'll never own a car I dislike the look of just because it's the quickest in its class.


Here's some of my own personal choices, in no particular order...


Imponte Phoenix



Declasse Tornado



Albany Buccanneer Custom



Imponte Nightshade



Karin Sultan



Declasse Sabre



Declasse Tampa



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beauty is in the eye of the beholder...


with that said, for me the best looking cars are:


stirling gt

stinger gt










bonus mentions:

schafter lwb





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Old favourite eye candy: F620





New favourite eye candy: Nightshade



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In order:


Rusty Tornado






Entity XF



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It's all a matter of oppinion. You should buy what you like and not be concerned if anyone likes your cars or not. Personally, my favorite looking car in the game is the T20, but i don't imagine that everyone would agree with that. :)

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zentorno, roosevelt, vacca, furore gt, obey 9f, stinger gt, carbonizarre, voodoo(non rusty) tornado and f620


Edit: sh*t...to many to pick...totaly forgot the stirling gt and schwartzer

More edit: and chino

Edited by goldadderXD
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