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Unhandled Exception Error (PC)


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I just bought GTA Vice City and GTA 3 where I am getting the same error of Unhandled exception: Unhandled exception: c0000005 At Address: 00630000 in both games. I have not been able to launch either game successfully yet. So far I have tried DEP, compatibility settings and reinstalling but none of those helped. Please help me!


PC Specs: GTX 750 1GB

Windows 10

AMD FX 8320

500GB HDD (7200 Rpm)

8GB RAM (1600 Mhz)

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They both shouldn't crash at the same address. Have you tried the SilentPatch?

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I have a similar problem for Vice City except I get the error message: Unhandled exception: c0000005 At Address: 006f6330. I have tried pretty much everything to fix this problem. I followed this guide and I have tried adding an exception to DEP for gta-vc.exe. I have uninstalled VC multiple times but still it is not working. I am not using any mods and I have deleted all my save files and the Vice City User Files folder. I am using the retail version of Vice City.

This has only been a problem for a few days, it worked completely fine just before that on the same computer I'm using now. Any help would be appreciated.


Here are my PC specs:


Windows 10 Home 64 bit

Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E7500 @ 2.93 GHz


AMD Radeon HD 5450

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