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[PS4] XDBX Speedway

Domestic Battery

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Domestic Battery

Looking for some oval track racing, give this race a try. It is an oval, banked corners and very fast in Supers. Sports and Classics run best. And is a real treat in Pantos. Suggested to run contact with catchup and slipstream on to make it interesting.





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Yep, fun track in just about any class. It's a little strange waiting for the banking to draw but it always does.

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  • 4 months later...

We ran 88 laps of this on Sunday with 11 drivers all driving the custom Buffalo S. Settings were noon, clear, contact, slipstream and catch up on. It was a lot of fun with everyone (trying to) drive clean. There was contact, there were spinouts but even if you totally got hosed you could still eventually get back in the lead group. Taco got bumped off the banking with 4 or 5 laps to go, he thought it was hopeless but he ended up winning. I tried to set up for a slipstream pass before the last turn bur so was everyone else and it just didn't work out.


The track works for this type of racing and while it might not be fair that a good driver can't build a lead and check out, the other side of the coin is it sucks to crash or be taken out early in such a long race and then be stuck in the back with no hope of catching up.

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If you are talking about the last BACCAR race, this is the wrong track.


That was on the BACCAR Super Speedway at LSIA.

Edited by dieseltech20
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Yeah, I guess you're right. I happened upon this thread on Monday while looking for Star Wars inspired jobs.

I think my review of what happened in the 88 lap race would also hold true at this track using the same settings.

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