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What is crookers saying on electro choc?

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when he speaks, i can't get a word out of what he tries to say.

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Crookers' Dialogue


Crookers speak in Italian in between songs, though others believe they are also combining Spanish and Portuguese. They also say some phrases in English, as they are actually proficient English speakers in real life.

Beginning of "Jump Up":

  • Italian/Part English: "Senti la musica, senti la vibrazione! Non puo' andare meglio di cosi'! Resident DJ Crookers! Here we go!"
  • Full English: "Feel the music, feel the vibration! It can't get better than this!! Resident DJ Crookers! Here we go!"
Beginning of "Kid Conga"
  • Italian: "Liberty City! Ci siete, o no??"
  • English: "Liberty City! Are you here, or not?"
Middle of "City Under Seige"
  • Italian: "Hellmix live, di legendary mala suerte Crookers! Electro-Choc!"
  • English: "Hellmix live, of legendary bad luck Crookers! Electro-Choc!"
(Could refer to "Mixhell", a group featured in the mix)
Middle of "Nude Night":
  • Italian/Part English: "Maisonette number nine! Numero nove, Maisonette!"
  • Full English: "Maisonette number nine! Number nine, Maisonette!"
Beginning of "Bad Men":
  • Italian: "E a noi ci piace la birra, le donne e le macchine! Principalmente le donne però, le macchine e la birra ... insieme no. Le donne va bene con tutto!" (laughs)
  • English: "And we like beer, women, and cars! Mainly women, but cars and beer ... not together! Women go well with everything!" (laughs)
Between "Bad Men" and "Animal"
  • Italian: E in questo club non entri! Non è che vieni qui ed entri! No!
  • English: You won't get in this club! Not everyone who comes around enters! No!
Middle of "Watching You"
  • Italian: "Questo è un mix dal vivo, dal night club capitale del mondo! Ciao a tutti!"
  • English: "This is a live mix, from the night club capital of the world! Hello to everybody!"
Beginning of "Boxer":
  • Italian: "Noi non siamo DJ, noi siamo calzolai! Siamo I Crookers!" (later) "Liberty City, com'è?"
  • English: "We are not DJs, we are shoemakers! We are Crookers!" (later) "Liberty City, how is it?"
Beginning of "Stick N"
  • Italian: "Grazie, Grazie, Grazie, giù il cappello per Tony Prince!"
  • English: "Thank you, thank you, thank you, hats off for Tony Prince!"
Middle of "Knock You Out"
  • Italian: "La vuoi sentire la musica, è Crookers! M9 (Maisonette9) con le mani fuori!"
  • English: "Do you wanna hear the music? Crookers is here! M9 (Maisonette nine) put your hands up!"
Beginning of "Boom Da"
  • Italian: "Crookers! Dal vivo da M9!"
  • English: "Crookers! Live from M9 (Maisonette9)!"
Beginning of "No Security"
  • Italian: "Liberty City! Are you ready? Siete pronti?
  • English: "Liberty City! Are you ready?""
Edited by slohbur
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oh, thanks. i never knew that and not even what kinda language he was speaking.

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Slohbur, thank you for that Link as well. :)

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