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[xbox 360] - Playing in the snow this afternoon


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Getting off work early today.


Should (notice I said should!) be on by 13:00 EST.


Looking for some people to goof off with in the snow.


Once my $7,000 bounty (set by an NPC!) times out, I'll venture out.


I hang out in paleto bay, but I have a high end apartment downtown for the heist room.


Had a good time last night with some randoms until some level 400+ DB killed everybody with a rocket launcher.


I am pretty sure he enjoyed my gift from Merry Weather.....


We can go private lobby, troll some greifers or grind out some jobs.


I like to make $100K a session (that doesn't take too long when the missions are run on hard).


Kind of tired running these survivals, jobs and missions on my own.


I would prefer if you had a mic so we can communicate.


My Social Club Profile is here.



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What's your gamer tag?

Apparently it's bad to post your gamer tag in the public forums (from what I read).

People have been stealing accounts from gamer tags posted here.

Click my rockstar profile link and friend request me there.

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Yea I'm definitely down, i sent you a request on Social Club. Hopefully I can be on then, cuz I've been having loads of fun with the snow

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All and all had a good time yesterday.


Grinded out a few jobs on hard by myself, made about $150,000.


Greifed quite a few greifers (Now THAT is fun!).


Not sure if they rage quit or got disconnected, but they left the lobby I was in. lol


Had a $7,000 bounty placed on me by an NPC that would NOT go away.


Finally coaxed someone from downtown up to paleto bay to "Earn" it.


Tested out merryweather's security options with them (LOL).


Realized I REALLY need to hit some sports races so I can unlock some upgrades! That will be my next call out!

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