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Blaine County Sheriff is seeking full time personnel! (XBOX 360)

Country Guy Ty

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Country Guy Ty

Blaine County sheriff is currently seeking an extended staffing! If you enjoy law enforcement and would like to pursue a fun, explorative, different, and very realistic law enforcement role-play, please get into contact with us immediately! We role-play on Grand Theft Auto 5 Online. We currently consist of 11 staff members, and are seeking to expand out numbers. We are looking for good, dedicated, hard working, appreciative people to join and continue our role-play.


In the department, the first thing a candidate will do, is fill out an "Employment" application. Once filed, and correct and complete, a candidate is accepted, and begins training. Training consists of 4 general phases, however, training is an ongoing part of this department, to enhance, and perfect our duties with up-to-date policies, and procedures. Below is brief training detail.


Phase 1: Radio communications

Phase 2: Traffic stops

Phase 3: Felony traffic stops

Phase 4: Various incidents


We really do enjoy our department and time role-playing, and appreciate all that join, explore, and give our department a chance. We are an equal opportunity department, and do not have an age limit. All we request is that a person be mature, professional, have a great attitude, and willing to learn.


Anybody interested in this post, is highly encouraged to reply to the post, or you may contact us through one of the options below:




Sheriff Cochran - Country Guy Ty

Captain Takamine - TheArcticWolfy

Lt. Martinez - MarviTheHusky13


We sincerely wish you all a very, merry Christmas.

Thank you,

Sheriff Cochran

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