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Star Wars Picture Pack (Amateur)

Jerking For Soup

Amateur Creations by Ballistics  

7 members have voted

  1. 1. Are these any good?

    • Sure, I'm downloading them now.
    • These are OK, but not the best I have seen.
    • These suck. Sorry but try harder next time.
  2. 2. Will you use these?

    • Hell Yeah!
    • Make more and maybe I will.
    • Why use these when I can use somebody elses? (VikDarkBomb, Android, etc.)

Recommended Posts

Jerking For Soup

You came here for the avatars, right?


I'm not a professional at GFX, but I do a lot of Photoshopping in my spare time, and if these are highly rated by the majority of those who see it, I may have more confidence to advance my stuff.


I don't mind anybody using these. Heck, you don't even have to give me credit for it. This is what I do when I'm bored one day staring at my monitor, not what I tend to get paid for or even credited for.


I have decided to go for A Star Wars Theme, do with that as you wish. Hope you enjoy!



















Galactic Empire





Republic/ Rebel Alliance






My Personal Favorites



















May The 4th:













Edited by - Ballistics -
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Jerking For Soup



1 New Signature to post. It's not animated.




and new avatars like Mace Windu, Qui Gon Jinn, Starkiller, etc.



Edited by - Ballistics -
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Jerking For Soup



4 New Signatures which are not animated.





and new Force Awakens avatars for use.



Edited by - Ballistics -
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They look nice, but just a bit of critique can go a long way :^:


With some of your .gifs, there's a lot of random white particles around whatever the object is, and sometimes around the text. I don't really work with .gifs a lot so I can't tell you why it happens. Anyways, when you're placing .pngs of the characters or models, make sure you do it properly by holding the Shift button while dragging a corner out. Helps keep the proportions correct and it wont give you a "stretched" or distorted look.


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Also, to fix the "white particles" use these settings when saving:




Edit: The best way to do it is to include a layer with the color of the background of the website you're uploading it to.

Edited by FunkyRJ
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For an (self confessed) Amateur Artist, these are pretty good. :^:


Apart from the white bits in the GIFs needing some slight clean ups, Great Work. :)

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