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Songs that should've been in GTA Vice City


Recommended Posts

Here are some other songs I would have liked to see


Wave 103

Auf'm Rummel by Nina Hagen

Rock Lobster by B- 52s

Change Your Mind by Billy Sharpe And Gary Numan

Close To Me The Cure

Lay Your Hands On Me by Thompson Twins

Love Like Blood by Killing Joke

The Sun Always Shines on TV by A-Ha






Flash Fm

We Got The Beat by The Go Go's

Uptown Girl by Billy Joel

Better Be Good To Me by Tina Turner

Cannonball by Supertramp

Cloudbusting by Kate Bush

Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tears For Fears

Tarzan Boy by Baltimora

Something About You by Level 42





V Rock

Invaders by Iron Maiden

Hit The Lights by Metallica




Emotion 98.3

That's What Friends Are For by Rod Stewart

Brothers In Arms by Dire Straits

Can't Fight This Feeling by REO Speedwagon

Cherish by Kool And The Gang

In The Army by Status Quo




Fever 105

After Love Has Gone by Princess

Get Dow On It by Kool And Gang



There are a lot of songs I think I will put in the Vice City Stories thread instead of this. So almost every song I put here is between 1984-1986.

Edited by Two And Three
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Either The Wave 103 or Flash FM (What do you guys think?)

It would be a great choice for Flash FM. Imagine the track playing before or after



Here's a few more tracks for my favorite station...



Prince - "I Wanna Be Your Lover"


Whitney Houston - "Thinking About You"


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Tyla ^ Great choices, man. A Prince song would be so awesome to hear in a GTA game. Also, you couldn't be more right about 'Talking In Your Sleep' fitting in well on Flash FM. The Fixx definitely have the same sort of rhythm going with 'One Thing Leads To Another'. Both great songs.


OT: One of the most feel-good and positive anthems of the time. I reckon this would've worked well on Wave 103...



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Paladin Waffles

I'm probably cheating by saying this but I would've kept the radio stations the way they were for the most part. What I'd do instead is add a new radio station that played Reggae. I always thought that was the only thing the soundtrack of Vice City was missing but everything else was pretty much perfect in my opinion.

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This would've fit nicely on Emotion, if it wasn't already on Los Santos Rock Radio in Grand Theft Auto V. Edited by Ivan1997GTA
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I think the 3rd song would've gone great on VCFL, but it was released in 1986.




My 1000th post on these forums.


Edited by Lunas1172
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