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Blood Brothers MC Looking for New Members on Xbox360 and sonn Xbox One

Blood Brothers MC

Recommended Posts

Blood Brothers MC

http://Blood%20Brothers%20Paleto%20Bay_zps3vhem Looking For A Loyal Brotherhood to game with?

Blood Brothers MC is looking for new members to fill its charters. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/bl00d_br0thers_mc

It all started in November of 2015 when a group of close friends who had been riding together in another club decided to form a Motorcycle club that had the vision that they all shared. A family of Brother/Sister bikers that no matter what it was they would be there for each other.

If one was troubled they all were there to help find the answer and to solve it.

No need to look over your shoulder to see if your Brothers/Sisters are there, They will be there.

This vision still stands today with the members of the Blood Brothers Motorcycle Club and always will.

Black & Red Till Dead.

Now we are looking to expand that vision and brotherhood/sisterhood. By looking for new members who enjoy the MC gameplay as much as we do.

We are a Free Aim Club that fight and have each others backs in the streets, we also do TDM's, races, heist, and missions to help fellow members out.

We hold church and have runs, fight clubs, and other events in the game as well.

So if you are interested in joining the Brotherhood/Sisterhood of our club. Have a look at our website and take a few minutes to read the rules of the club and rules for prospecting, and if your still interested in joining the Brotherhood/Sisterhood of our club then go to the contact tab of website and fill out the small application.


Edited by Blood Brothers MC
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  • 1 month later...
Blood Brothers MC

Always looking to grow on both xbox consoles.

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Blood Brothers MC

Have a look at the website and message InfectedOhio

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