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Cleaning the hood crash!?


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So, I go into the marker for the mission cleaning the hood, I crash after like 3 seconds.

I removed cleo mod's, crash.

I downloaded a new save file, which skip's cleaning the hood, crashes upon loading aswell.

I deleted gta set, still nothing.

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Remove all the gta sa files from every single location in computer (sometimes virtualstore in appdata or folders called "local" or sth there) before reinstalling delete every remaining file!

Edited by Jaanus949
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Open this location-



See if there is any GTA/SA related files there. Delete if present.


And that save you downloaded could be made on another main.scm. So it crashed.

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^ There is nothing of GTA SA Related in VirtualStore, only Sanny Builder.


EDIT: The new save, start's the Mission Drive-thru, Once I arrive to Cluckin bell, I instantly crash there!

Edited by SireElite
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now is time to tell us what type of game copy you have, if you can then you could reinstall all the game and remove everything from C: location related to GTA SA and never install it in program files again, choose documents for instance for next install location, that's foolproof solution!

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I got it from steam, downgraded to 1.0 if that's what you mean. All my steam crap and GTA SA is located in my download's folder.

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ok you gotta try another downgrader, it sounds like many others who have used not very good downgrader

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