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Adventures in ghost world


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I paid a little visit to ghost world last night for the first time to see how weird it was. It was weird.


After a while of stumbling around aimlessly I came across the hunter. So I hopped in. As I rose into the sky the Ghost World changed. The world became a sandy colour, and all the cars, previously invisible, appeared. So I blew a load up, until I crashed into one too many buildings and had to bail out. At which point I had four stars. I grabbed a parked up PCJ and razzed off. I hit something invisible and ended up lower than my PCJ. Only I couldn't see where I was. The police were like above me peering down. I could kill them but they couldn't kill me. I also couldn't move. Cars were driving by, also over my head.  I have no idea where I was in the real world. Weird.


Just thought I'd share the story with you.

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So there is a ghost town in Vice City? I wasn't sure if there was.


Can someone tell me were it is?


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There are a couple of ways in but the one I used was in 'Apartment 3c'. In the bedroom there are two side tables by the bed. One has two bottle on the other doesn't. Repeatedly jump at the wall by the one that doesn't. It takes a while but eventually you sort of warp to the roof of the appartment, there is a helicopter on it, and most of the world disappears. Apartment 3c is one of the buildings near the Ammunation by the fountain. When I say near, I mean in the vicinity of. You have to climb some stairs and the door is missing from the building, ie a black doorway. :beerhat:

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The ghost world sucks, its fun for all of two seconds then it is just annoying.


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