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Gangster Punkster [MP/SL]


Witch character is the best on your opinion?  

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  1. 1. Witch character is the best on your opinion?

    • Timmy Hellrock - Protagonist
    • Rankie Pilliy - Main enemy, witch is dead.
    • Sweet Johnson - Timmy's friend
    • Big Devil - Timmy's friend (Witch is a faker)
    • Little Devil - Timmy's best friend 4 life
    • Yolk - Timmy's oldest friend (Is a faker too)
    • Gerald - A guy that gave Timmy missions

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This SL/MP Is complete, see the tag?

So don't ask for ,,when it is done or ETC"

I Will make the second chapter.



Hello everyone, my name is QED, and i'm gonna show you my latest DYOM series (for now). I'm gonna start with the story, then i give the link.





Timmy Hellrock came to Carpati, Romania, because Rankie told him to go for a deal. But Timmy finds out he just wants the owned money then he punches one of his gang members and take his gun. Then Timmy blasted 'em all! But the police was after him, so he flied to Las Venturas.


Well, the link is here






Enjoy the storyline/Mission pack!




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