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Official Imponte Tribute Thread


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It is here that Imponte enthusiasts may choose to celebrate the glorious existence of the most badass automotive company/brand in the gta universe. Imponte.

Please feel free to post pictures and/or videos of your masterpieces(in game, or their real life counterparts?). It would be really neat to see what you've done with them or what journeys they went on.

This thread will be watched over with much consideration and care, every week or so a car may be featured on the original post with a picture and a personal backstory of the ride if the owner so chooses. Lets cherish our cars together.

Also don't forget to let the Bravado and Vapid fans know how awesome you are as you win against them in everything. :devil:

The lineup...



(Picture credit to Hesselgren)

"A long-awaited shipment of Dukes muscle cars has hit Los Santos. Relive the old times, the 70's lines, and the smell of spermicidal disinfectant, and try not to be disappointed. Nothing's as good as you remember it being. That's your head's fault, not this car's. Exclusive content for returning players."

​No other car quite says "I'm going to rip the asphalt a new one" quite like the dukes. Constantly letting you know that it will beat up all of the other vehicles in your garage.






The noble road warrior well known.. in attendance for four GTA titles..

These feelings may resonate with owners of other cars, but for some there is no other way to describe this car other than.. a very close friend.

It has looked after you for over a decade now, a length of time rivaling even your marriage(if you're own of those people). Like the other Imponte models it lets off a heavy sense of nostalgia.. your first street race, your high school graduation.. that time with your girlfriend at a remote parking lot near a 7/11(or insert shady location here)...

What truly matters is no matter which way you look at it, you love it more than any normal person would.




"Ruining Imports Since '67"

Devouring Dominators and crapping out Gauntlets.. this is the unsung hero of the winners circle.

You see it all over the road, after all over a million were produced. Yet despite its success not a lot of people seem to recognize this beast for the road gripping fiend that it is. Perhaps that is what makes the almighty Ruiner that much more sacred to its owners. That sense of individuality. That sense of knowing you're truly genetically different from everyone else(in a good way of course) like some may say.

Many in its time have seen this car to its scrapyard just like any other, perhaps the owner didn't understand their blessing? Perhaps they just mistreated/misunderstood the poor beast. For every loss though there is a person who recognizes its beauty and potential, and that is how it will become/remain legendary.





(Credit to Icebergg Slimm and Tg-stig)

"Don't be fooled by the elegant lines and composed styling: like every great muscle car before it, the Nightshade puts out more power than it (or you) can possibly handle. Few cars present as big as a risk to oncoming traffic, or look this good on the back of a tow truck."

Lets get straight to it, you wanted one for a while. You bought one. You love it. You absolutely f**king love it. You might have even bought two! It might not be the fastest, but wen you drive it the Nightshade instantly becomes the sexiest god-damn car on the road. You and everyone else around just can't stop salivating over it... like what the actual f*ck????


The Insurrection


Like seriously when is this coming out? We need a sports car to represent the brand... hell is anyone even talking about this??

More info Here.......


The DF8-90


Because every brand needs a car for the whole family... you might not have driven this forsaken vehicle since 2013, but the least it deserves it your remembrance and your respect. Perhaps we will see it again?


Thanks to the original owners of every picture used.

To any owners of these amazing cars... lets see what you've done with them. :cool:

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RIP Duke of Death in online.


Never forget.




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Also in case/when any mods/staff stumble upon this thread.. Insurance


I really had the passion to make this. Hope you ladies and gentlemen understand.


Lets see some cars!!

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Breathed new life into an old phoenix I had laying around...



Inspired by the intoxicated blue nightshade pictured above.



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^ Just saw your Nightshade on Reddit. Good sh*t, man.


Woah. Small world. lol.

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^ Just saw your Nightshade on Reddit. Good sh*t, man.

Woah. Small world. lol.

Yeah, haha. I see gtuned and Keegeroo on there from time to time as well.
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Imponte's the one in-game brand where I have at least one of every car... and most of them are my favorite cars in the game. (Sure, it's a small lineup, but they're all great)










I guess it helps if Pontiac happens to be your favorite car manufacturer and you like GM in general and most Mopars just as much.

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The Insurrection looks so mazda rx-7 it's not even funny.



True. (the round, flip-up headlights look just like a 1st gen RX-7)

Although, overall it also looks just as much, if not moreso, like a Z31 Nissan 300ZX.




If that's the case, (not saying it is, necessarily) we kind of already have it in the Ruiner.


Clearly, from the A-pillars backward, the Ruiner is a 3rd gen Camaro, but I've always felt that the front clip looked an awful lot like a Z31 300ZX (moreso than a 3rd gen Firebird, even)


Also, the Ruiner's stock rims are curiously lifted from a Mitsubishi Starion / Chrysler Conquest.




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I know when something's a bit of a stretch, but I'm convinced it was done intentionally.

Other than the fact that the Ruiner's wheels don't have bolts, they're literally identical to the Starion/Conquest.


Just because the overall car is obviously meant to look like a Camaro, it doesn't make everything on it look like one. For better or worse, Rockstar's whole policy on car design is to mash together a few completely unrelated cars into one.


I wish it looked more like a regular 3rd gen Camaro and had less unrelated influences, but come on.

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I'm still interested in seeing if the insurrection should ever make an appearance, why tease us with the advertisement of a vehicle that we have never had the chance of driving? Is that common of R*?

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Yes, it is actually...

-Maibatsu Monstrosity (GTA 3)

-Maibatsu Thunder (Vice City)

-Imponte Insurrection (VCS)


In fact, the only real case I can think of where they prominently advertised a car that was actually in the game was the Karin Dilletante in GTA IV.

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I should make some space for a Ruiner... loved that car in GTA IV.


Anyway, here are my other ones:







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I paid £350 for this car, no joke, the best car in the game, here are a few in Mopar colors

Plum Crazy Purple




Burnt Orange


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