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Two questions about VCS

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One: Is the "Garage Vehicles dissapear" issue solved in the PS2 Version?

Two: Is there a good collectibles guide which only shows Mainland first? I want to collect those ASAP in the game.

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Lethal Vaccine

Yes, the PS2 Version is better over the PSP Version in regards to VCS cuz the Garage problem is completely fixed. I have 12 Special Vehicles in each one of my 3 Saves, totaling 36 across 3 Save Files and they never disappear for me. I am sure it can happen like any other GTA, but it's nowhere like how bad the Garages are for PSP. Btw, you can use them on PSP, but have to do special things to make it work:




Well, in VCS, there is only 99 Red Balloons. About 40 of them are on the West Island where you start the game, and the other 45-50ish are on the East Island. However, in VCS, you can EASILY get to the East Island in the beginning of the game. You just take a Yankee and line it up next to the bridge on Starfish Island and you can jump onto the top of the Yankee and use it to jump over the barrier of Starfish Island and run on foot to the East Island and do what you need there. Then go to the Police Station and fly the Police Maverick back to the Army Barracks to save the game.


In fact, you can reach 49.20% Game Completion after "Soldier" before any other Story Missions. I've already done the 49.20% Starter Save on PS2 and I will do it on iOS, as well, once we get this ported to Mobile.


In my Profile, you can click the VCS Spoiler which would show my Garages and what I have stored. 4 Special Vehicles inside each Garage, nothing disappears for me on PS2.

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Oh, thanks for answering my questions.

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By the way, what do you suggest to do if you wanna do the vigilante missions early? i always used the rhino but seeing as from the start of the game it's locked..

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Lethal Vaccine



Read my last comment in that Topic.


I used a VCPD Wintergreen to pass it in the beginning of the game but it's NOT easy and takes a long time to get to Level 15. I did it Level 1 through 15 in a row, too. I didn't use those pussy checkpoints. If you use those checkpoints, each time you start the Mission, it adds +1 to Mission Attempts Stat and I want to have as low as possible and pass everything without failing.

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