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Just No Nonsense Jobs and Heists for Xbox One.


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Look, I'm not the best player in the world, but I'm sick of people leaving half-way through a job. I'm sick of being run over and team killed on a heist. I'm sick of doing the prison break heist and the pilot crashes the velum at the last second, into the sea. I think there's a real need for dependable players.


There is no theme, no role playing and there are no requirements. I'm just looking to establish a network of a bunch of guys who can get the job done who aren't particularly close-knit either.

Hopefully we'll find enough people that you can invite and join any crew member and know they've got you covered.


Saying that, it's not super serious or competitive. We don't have a logo, probably never will. There is no uniform, heists are done in player saved outfits. Armoured vehicles are preferred.


If you want to make some money like I do, join Longsword Operations.

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Man I wish I could just get with some peeps that just want to run the heists and make some $$


GT is D Bash

lvl 126

Edited by DBash
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I feel your pain. I'm not an awesome player, but I'm not going to leave mid-mission or purposefully kill teammates to be a troll. A friend and I play heists together and get frustrated with the idiots we play with.


We aren't super competitive but we are both high 100 levels. I'm 193 and my friend is like 180. We also goof off a lot but are still all about making $$$$$


Gamertag: g0bucki


Just add me and send me a message that you are looking for heist members, want to make money, etc. prefer you are an adult and have a mic. Also prefer you are over level 75 ish. Just don't be like a level 10.

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