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Liberty City Stories Released on iOS!


Recommended Posts




Get the Game Here!












Official Trailer:










It's out for Android now! If you want to discuss about this port, please refer to this thread

Edited by Stoney0503
screenshots/images were broken, i've now fixed them.
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Looked at some files of this. Looks very interesting...TXDs are like PS2 TXDs but with "PSP" instead of "PS2" as the platform identifier...

I only saw some files, but apparently they're using RW again o_O

Edited by The Hero
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It looks pretty good, a bit shinier than I was expecting but I wouldn't say thats a problem. Thanks for letting us know Stoney!


Here are the Screenshots published on the iTunes page:













It still hasn't appeared in the Google Play Store for Android at the time of writing, so I'll have to wait a little longer before I can get my hands on it. I'll also have to uninstall something so I have enough space too lol.


I've also moved all of the latest posts from the LCS 10th Anniversary Topic into here and pinned it, to keep all the discussion in one place :^:



Updated the OP too with the screenshots from iTunes and those taken by GTA Series Videos.

Edited by GTAKid667
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Oh, it looks really remastered, of course Android version is delayed, another few days of waiting.


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@The Hero
Could you post a screenshot with folders/files inside LCS port?


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f*ck yes. Now we Android Master Race wait, while those iOS hipsters play their sh*t

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I see alot of differences from the original LCS :)


cant wait to see what this has hidden in the files.

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Looks ugly. UGLY. but ya say it's RW? RW. GG

Btw. no remastered hands? WTF?

This ain't wardrum work for sure. I can't beleive it.

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it's on mobile , finally.

now i wait for the android release.


anyway , what's wrong with the vehicle relections ? it looks very shiny.

Edited by Issik
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Ya forgot this screen




Edit: I don't see any War Drum studios sign on itunes page. New porter?

Edit2: random gameplay


Edit3: ...




Edited by Tomasak
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Buying this soon for iOS! I have the iPhone 6 so it should run smoothly...


Even though I have already LCS for PS2 and been playing for years and have all the Special Vehicles in the game, doing it on Mobile now for the extra challenge is gonna interest me.


Does anyone know if it's the PSP Version or the PS2 Version? I ask only cuz on PS2, blown up wrecks do NOT restore in Garages, but on PSP, they do. I am wondering if it's any different? If they restore in the Garages this is gonna be even better! :)


The PSP also had less for 100% Requirements which is awesome, too.


I also wonder if the Crusher Glitch works in LCS like it did for PS2 and PSP. Cuz I know the Crusher Glitch was changed and worked differently for GTA III on the Android and iOS Mobile Versions compared to PS2, Xbox, PC, etc, etc, etc.


I am gonna have to do the 48% Starter Save for LCS on iOS and then get a nice Save with 12 Special Vehicles just like I do on PS2 Version, except on PS2, I have 6 100% Saves and 72 Special Vehicles in total. Now it's time to just do ONE Save on iOS and get the best 12, 1 of which I never got before on PS2, so I hope it's obtainable on iOS. If and only if blown up wrecks restore in the Garages. Can someone confirm?

Edited by Militia
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Personally, I don't care for much of the music in LCS. Usually when I would play, I'd just keep the Radio Off, tbh. I used to listen to The Liberty Jam, but then I got bored and can't be bothered with the Radio, so that won't be a problem for me. I kinda figured LCS would look shiny like the new Ports of the 3D Era are being made like, but oh well.


Maybe now this game will get the recognition it surely deserves. VCS will come next I suppose and that, too needs some appreciation. There isn't many people who own LCS/VCS and now that it's on Mobile, I hope that helps. These GTA's are just as good as III, VC, and SA.

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thank god Renegade Snares is still there

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Added the Screenshot and Gameplay Footage from Tomasak's Post to the OP. Still no sign of the game in the Android Google Play Store, and from the looks of it no official announcement of the game being released by Rockstar or any mention of it from War Drum Studios.

The Menu's in the Gameplay Video above shows Social Club support like San Andreas - Cloud Saving Slots like SA?

Overall, I'm really happy to see the game finally released for Mobile. It'll also likely give LCS a bigger audience with a lot of people who never owned or bought the game on PSP/PS2 now having the opportunity to do so.



Yes, it has Cloud Saving as it says on iTunes, not sure how I missed that:


Cross-platform cloud saves via the Rockstar Social Club

Also 'Cross-Platform' suggests that Android and iOS saves are compatible like SA.

Edited by GTAKid667
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I don't mind that in terms of LCS. It sucked for SA, cuz the SA Graphics previously were more appealing, but in terms of LCS, I find the PS2 Version was pretty bad from Framerate Issues to Graphical Issues, so overall the iOS Version looks decent. I didn't buy it yet and I probably won't buy it until January, but when I do it's gonna be a lot of fun! First I need to finish off my new PS2 Save for SA before I can even think of LCS on iOS.

Edited by Militia
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Anyone so kind there to share their App Store accounts with the game bought? Really looking forward to trying it out but got no money for that.

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