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GTA Vice City Bubbles do not appear Bug


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ok hi all, when I'm playing vice city and it starts raining or when I use the chainsaw, a bubble appears on the screen falling giving a realistic touch.

I have a problem with that, when it rains or I use my chainsaw no bubbles appear on the screen.

in particle.txd the textures are called: "raindripb64_d", "raindrip64_d", "raindripb64", "raindrip64".







bubbles in these images should appear, but do not appear and I do not know why.

Does anyone know why this happens? if you know, how do i fix this?


Thanks for read :D

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I believe it's yet another small detail that the devs didn't bother to port over. I don't recall seeing drips on my earlier playthroughs, not that I was looking for it, but come to think of it, I believe I did get rain drips with SilentPatch installed. Use that plus the widescreen mod.



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