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[XBOX ONE] Life Roleplay.

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Gamertag: PTG Ace Ventura

Age: 18

Social Name: AceVenturaPI

Character's Name: Adam Goldstein

Character's Role: Mechanic/Street Race Organizer

Character's Job: Mechanic Vinewood Alta Autos

Character's Age: 30

Income: $50

Background: Born and raised in southern Los Santos, Adam often rode on his brother's coattails and shadowed him as he developed into a street racing phenom. As a young kid Adam watched his brother fix cars and was intrigued, the two brothers were inseparable, until nightfall came around. At night Adam's brother would head off to trawl Los Santos' sprawling highways and tight mountain roads for a race. Adam finally accompanied his brother to a race one fateful night. Adam was a freshman in high school when he and his brother finally finished their long-standing project, a Dodge Demon. During the Demon's maiden voyage Adam's brother crashed, leaving him dead and the Demon in a state of disrepair. Since then Adam has attended trade school, opened up his own garage and began delving into the street racing scene to honor his brother, all the while scraping pennies together to finally restore the Demon to pristine condition.

Accepted will add you!

I'd like to get in on this!


Gamertag: DOOfY2020

Age: 26

Social name: Sam

Characters name: Sam

Characters role: Civilian / Struggling DJ

Characters job: Struggling DJ

Characters age: 26

Income: £70/hr, but only earns for 4 hours on Fridays and Saturdays

Background: Dreams of being the next big famous DJ like Calvin Harris... But isn't. And probably won't ever be. Unable to hold a day job his only work is a DJ gig on Fridays and Saturdays, so makes up for it by petty crimes to try and get extra income.

Challenging! I'll add you

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Hey I couldn't get in on your Monday one, when the next one?

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Next Roleplay guys will be Tuesday 27th December at 10pm GMT 5pm EST 4pm CST I will be getting the room setup early so make sure you are there 30 mins early!

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