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Missing Movie from Grand Theft Auto Vice City


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After I finally purchase Grand Theft Auto Vice City there was something who is not working. I tried the file GTAtitles and Logo.mpg and the GTAtitles was missing the file was 0 second and the Logo.mpg wont work. Any help please​.

1. I don't have any other problem
​2. I still need help why the Logo.mpg wont work and the GTAtitles.mpg wont work.
​3. Have a file of the Missing stuff with me upload to MediaFire or Dropbox so I can fix the problem thank you.
​4. I didn't download the game for free.
​5. Don't have any Grand Theft Auto? ​Tell me I can upload a file to MediaFire or Dropbox for you.

​Red: Sad question or maybe something I need help with or you.

​Yellow: I didn't get anything for free to download maybe only movies, music.

​Green: Something helpful or maybe something really I need help with.


Thank you for reading my Topic!

Edited by SeifMagdi
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What? I don't think the intro videos are essential to the game's operation. It's probably a codec issue if they just won't play, but I know that a 0 second video file is a way to "no-intro" the game. Something doesn't add up here. If you've downloaded a modded copy of Vice City and don't want to admit it, you might be sh*t out of luck.


Also, don't offer to upload game files here. That goes against the software EULA and forum rules and all that bullsh*t.

Edited by Helegad
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I think you have Ultimate Vice City. It also costs money to buy and have that blank intro video.


And as Helegad told, you cannot post a link of game files that costs money to buy. If you post too gtaforums moderators knows their work well.

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Sharing of Original Game Files is not allowed on this forum - Please do not post any links to where to download this content.

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Well I buyed the game from g2a and there was a problem when I start up the game there's not intro you know the logo.mpg and GTAtitles.mpg, and I tried a program that can fix any Grand Theft Auto it can backup files or fix Gta, so I tried it and nothing happend. I don't know maybe I should buy the game from Steam. I only moded the game with cars mod using Cars mod installer for Gta III or vice City and I have Ultimate trainer, trainer, Cleo and Grav mod. Before I download Cleo or mod the game or get a trainer for it I tested the game first then the game worked the only missing things is GTAtitles and Logo so yeah. Maybe I'll try to buy the game from Steam or any other place or test again to buy from g2a.

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Have you tried re-installing the game? I don't think that there is a need to buy the game again just because the Intro does not work as you should still be able to play the game fine with no problems.

Edited by GTAKid667
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  • 4 years later...

i was having this same problem accept the logo.mpg was missing and the gtatitles.mpg was fine

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