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Francesco Bonomo

Good Ol' Johnny Kneecaps

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Francesco Bonomo

He was a very nice guy with a crazy sense of humor

A family man with a trophy wife and three beautiful kids

I have this memory of him at a Christmas party in 1998

He was so wasted and yet his humor was on point

He told me this joke about a point guard and Mazzo's sister, it was hilarious

How the good times rolled without us acknowledging it

He was a good friend and a respectful man who lived life to the fullest

Yes, his life was short-lived, but he sure had fun


This is my goodbye to Good Ol' Johnny, may his spirit rest and find peace

I know in this life of ours, it's not guaranteed we'll make it to 50 but at least you got close

I shall look after your family and make sure your legacy is not tainted

I thank you for the good times and the bad times

I thank you for the laughs and the cries

I thank you for the love and respect

I thank you for being you


Good Ol' Johnny B. Goode is what we used to call you

You sure did love that movie, Back to the Future


Goodbye old friend

And may God give you the gift of peace


If only you knew, how much I hate myself for doing this

You knew it was coming, just not from me

I was sent for and unfortunately, you were the target

Like Old Man Furio used to say

You come in alive and come out dead. The last person you see will always see is your best friend

Well he's right

I hope your burial was somewhat honorable

They think you're in the coffin but I know exactly where you're at

You were warned but didn't listen. Watching that much death... Is not natural


Sorry Johnny, Good Ol' Johnny Kneecaps

Your former friend, Frankie Nomo

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