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'Could not download files from the Rockstar game services'


Recommended Posts

Is anyone else getting this notification? It won't let me start up online :(


does anyone know how to fix this problem? tried closing application but still nothing. TIA

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I've managed to get online through friend session, won't let me join jobs thou and it's rather lonley :( haha

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According to that page, everything is up and running as normal.

Strange, that page will not load for me either, just getting 404 errors and server stopped responding for their website.

I've been trying to check the page and I keep getting the same problem, doesn't load. I thought it was just my connection.

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Yeah i got the same issue today. A lot of people are posting about it in the community too. Plus i saw a lot of "I got perma ban" posts.Seemed like a ban wave to me but i could be wrong.

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Last night, couldn't get on with two accounts for about three hours, I reset the system, everything,

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Ok just tested an idea. Using VPN to the USA (i am in the uk) rockstargames.com works fine. Using the same software to a server in the UK has the same problem as not using it and just connecting directly.

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I'm here in the USA on Comcast on PC.




Last few days it sometimes takes 3 or 4 attempts to login. It will keep sending me into story mode telling me that rockstar game services are unavailable or that it took too long to connect.



After completing just about every heist or heist set up it immediately sends me into story mode with an error message saying it timed out or something, when it didn't even attempt to load. I haven't tried other missions.


What is going on?

Edited by Acidworm
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[email protected] Quinn, whats happening? I do hope a big ban wave is coming . I want to be the first legit player to own the nice things. instead of it being a cheaters early Christmas. but about the heists, When I did get back on after three hours, we did a few heists and we were kicked out at the very end and sent back to story mode. We were worried we weren't paid, I logged back on and yes we were paid but it was a small panic there.


We stopped that nite playing heists, definitely knew it was not a good night

Edited by Stealthflight
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Here's the main status banner.




And this is the ! over Social Club.




Nothing to suggest anything should be playing up. Unless you're part of the first wave to notice a new problem, I guess.


I'm also able to get on the Social Club site just fine. No delays, nothing. Dunno what the hell is going on with you guys lol.

Edited by ninjaontour
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So many people are playing to prep themselves for the new update, the servers are overwhelmed.

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PSN is just messed up today for me. I guess now that we get closer to Christmas more and more people are on holidays and probs playing, so that's nothing unusual really.


But yeah, the update is only a few steps away and I'm kinda annoyed I can't make some serious cash due to all the connectivity issues. Keeping my spirit and waiting for improvement.

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Xie Deathangelz

I'v had the same problem since yesterday...

Files required to play GTA online could not be downloaded.

Rockstar game services are unavailable.

Loss of sound when finishing a heist.

Lucky if i can get in to a free roam session, if i can then missions won't download.

Just a few reasons to turn the game off and walk away

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Same issues for me. Getting thrown out to story mode after heists, and multiple attempts before a successful login.

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Update, Last eight lobbies Ive been into emptied out within two minutes into the game. So Im passing time with solo missions.....

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game for me is unplayable right now. I can't join or host anything.If i accept an invitation i get stucked in the clouds.All i can do is stay in freemode and do events..

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I can start an invite only session but joining my friends games just isn't happening! UK here too :(

Edited by SirPhilMcKraken
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I joined a random invite for hunting pack got everything set up fine and got to the start where is shows what you're playing and what round it is and it got stuck after a few minutes someone left and even with less than the minimum amount of people we were still stuck all I could do is go to Xbox home and completely quit GTA. After that I didn't bother with online I just did some missions in SP. I really hope online work today cause I need to make more money I didn't make anything at all yesterday.

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I'm having no luck connecting either. From the UK, and i've tried all afternoon and now evening.


Do R* have a new user agreement?

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I was playing heists and kept getting kicked back to story mode after a setup or finale. Can't stay in a session longer than 5 minutes without seeing

(player 1 left)

(player 2 left)

(player 3 left)


then last night I was playing slasher with some friends (this might've just been my Xbox) and everything froze. The slasher music was glitchinh out and then everything went black. Couldn't turn off my xb or anything. Then it restarted itself. It was weird.

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Yeah I can't access online. I'm not gonna keep trying in case my character gets deleted or something.

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Had troubles earlier, but seemed fine on PS4 for the last couple of hours. I was doing contact missions with randoms and had no issues whatsoever.


I wasn't worried, but, in case you were wondering, all my sweet, sweet, glitched, socialist, hippie cash is still there. :santa:

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Every weekend the servers appear to go wonky and give me various troubles ever since early summer. I assume it's heavy volume weekend traffic, at least on ps4. It's not my internet because whether I'm in America or Australia I'm having the same issues. Weekdays go more smoothly for me.

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