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[SA|TUT] How to add new cars without replacing

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Posted (edited)
22 hours ago, arminnas said:

I add paint job for added cars with moon loader. 

It seems like I broke it then, it's not working even for default cars.

Edited by azurepixels

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I added a police car using "copcarla" linesm but the siren is not working. Is there a way to make it work without mods?

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Im seeing that model special features is incompatible with indievehicles.asi, because when i exit from my house it crash, but without it the game works good.

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Posted (edited)

i added 12 cars so far without a problem but now im wondering how to add police cars so can i get some help with that, taxis too

Edited by maister04

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Posted (edited)

Maybe I'm just doing something wrong, but everytime I try to add a vehicle, the game always crashes in the loading screen.

It apparently has to do something with carcols.dat since it's always the last thing loaded. Nevermind this one.


My problem now is that the game crashes when the game tries to play the added vehicle's sounds. I added in a Deluxo, but everytime I try to drive, reverse, or get in or out the vehicle, it would crash. Turns out it's a different case.


For some reason, the vehicles I add are treated as bikes that have fell down, since everytime I get in the vehicle, it does the "lift bike back up" animation.

Edited by CJ28472583

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How can I made my added cars spawn in traffic? I already added it into cargrp.dat but it's not spawning for me.

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grove boi
Posted (edited)

hey i wonder if i can return or port angel and avenger from lcs and vc


EDIT: i'am done but for some reason getting on and off and stealing the bike triggers car getting on and off and stealing animation although while doing stealing animation the driver actually falls backwards while the stealer is actually punching air 


anyway to fix this problem and replace it with normal freeway getting on and off?

Edited by grove boi
just a little problem that's all

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Posted (edited)


Edited by Nidanyle

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Is there any Cleo to be able to spawn cars on Android?

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Posted (edited)

Is there a way to use FLA only to apply the handling, audio and special model features patches without touching anything else? Open Limit Adjuster already does a great job at removing limits, and FLA constantly crashes at problems that were not present before installing it which are all related to texture/model/etc limits which I don't want it to touch, because OLA adds the cars just fine, except for the handling lines, vehicle audio and model features. It's infuriating to deal with this POS script when all you want for it to do is to assist an already working limit remover.


EDIT: To elaborate on when does FLA crash my game: it seems that whenever I apply the ID patch which is needed to apply the special model features patch, it will crash at every possible limit issue, and when the only thing I have enabled is handling lines extension, it will crash whenever Modloader tries to reload the carcol lines of an added vehicle. Those kind of petty issues with FLA force me to replace vehicles instead of adding them, because other scripts that would apply those tweaks are old and clunky to configure.

Edited by supra107

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On 1/3/2016 at 9:06 AM, Junior_Djjr said:

May be handling's/vehicle's line or some incompatible mod.


Send fastman92limitAdjuster.log and/or temporary disable (0) "Register global expection handler" in .ini and send "modloader\modloader.log"

Hi i need your help Djjr ... i've successfully added the vehicles by your method now the problem is that i have first person mod v3 installed in my game and when i switch to First person mod in Added vehicle in my game immediately crashes :( .. Help Please

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Bom trabalho junior djjr.

Good work.

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I have been trying multiple ways to add any car in SA (using this one) I always fail and it says (car) does not have a vehicleaudio.cfg even tho when i search for the car's name I DO find it..... 

Someone pls help.........

Yep i had some working mods but removed them but still no use ;(

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