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Member since 2003, just got GTA V PC, Creating New App!


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I don't know if anyone remembers me, but GTAforums used to be my life.
I remember the day ODIE died, and still see him as the major influence in my game creating/modding life.
He inspired me to make River City Revival mod for XBOX, which was never finished.
I have created a sweet new GTA V app, which I will discuss after a little history.

River City Revival (XBOX):

I would concider myself to be in the top 5 GTA Vice City modders from 2010 - 2012.
It may be easy now, but in those days we had to split the maps we made into small chunks because computers could only draw a block or so of city model, you had to model the low detail city, split it into zones, and model each zone seperately, loading the river city revicval streets took 45 minutes in 3dsmax.
Anyway even tho i never finished it, i belive RCR may still be the most complete full vice city xbox mod, (aside from Myrid). If its not, it was when I left.

Why did I leave? I waited it out with all the VC/SA modders for IV tools. About 2 years, for those 2 years you couldn't do much AT ALL with IV, so I started learning Unity3D.

I have been modding games since I was 9, when I bought "The Tips of the Doom II Programming Gurus" Book, and spent the whole summer maing my own maps, scripts, and weapons in DOS. Later when I saw Toy Story (1) in a theater, I went home and found 3dsmax and started doing tutorials, I must have been 13 or so.

I now have made 4 or 5 Android games / apps in Unity3d which are on the Google Play Store.
I have also made the first GBA Emulator which runs inside Unity3D, letting you replace game sprites with 3D models in any GBA game (with help from the libretro team).

And now, after a little bragging/personal history, I have returned to GTAForums, not just a modder, but a c# / Unity3D developer.


I have in the past 3 days created "BoyStick".

BoyStick uses the Kinect SDK and the vJoy API together with Unity3D, to make you a walkin talkin joytick. Walking forward a step tells the joystick driver you are holding the left joystick upward. Same for any direction, where you stand relative to the center position in the kinect view = the direction the joystick driver is pointing. The right joystick is controlled by your chest, and you can turn your upper body to look around and turn the player. This works in ANY Windows game that supports a gamepad/joystick.

I made it mostly so I could play GTA V with my Oculus Rift without a Gamepad. I found sitting in a chair and using my thumbs to walk took too much away from the being there I was hoping for.

It works!

But hey, there's too many buttons in GTA, and I want to play WITHOUT a Joystick/Keyboard.
Every time i had to press a keyboard button, I had to take off the rift and press the keyboard button, then put the rift back on...

So, today I added Voice Recognition / Commands for all the keyboard buttons in GTA V, (Which I havent yet made a video for.) So with BoyStick only developed in the last 3 days, I can walk around in the game with Kinect, and choose weapons, jack cars, submerge my submarine, with my rift on, with no gamepad in my hands, with voice commands, but im not done yet.

I've got kinect data and i've got script hook. I can program c#.

I would next like to use scripthookV to live manipulate the players bones to the kinect data, so I can wave hello to myself in GTA V, and more.

I don't have a download link today, but only because I spent all day coding the speech recognition and havent fully tested everything yet, but i wanted to get some info about scripthook (especially bone positions/rotations for the active player) and feature requests and stuff started.

Yes I have a crappy video to show, from last night when I got the Kinect to Joystick working.

The voice recognition was added just today, and I'm about to make a video of it, but haha I cant seem to beat the first mission in GTA V, so I have no cars to steal, no weapons to select, and no submarine to submerge.

So im gunna test with a trainer or something.

What do you guys make of all this?

(Check out my YouTube Channel for awesomeness, and be sure to click view/load more cause theres 80+ videos of tech demos I have made)

THX if you watched the video links / read the whole post!!


- MiLO83

Edited by MiLO83
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