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VRAM Restriction


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Hi :D


I'm having a trouble running my GTA IV on my Laptop

whenever I started the game, it's just freezes on loading

it wont enter the game, And realize it was the vram restriction

which is shows I have 200 mb used out of 27 mb permitted


commandline method wont work, I have tried it

since my laptop have sort of "DVMT" things, I tried to set it in

on 512m, and it works.. the game runs, and it has 477mb permitted

and of course by sacrificing 512mb of my available ram,

which is not really a good idea since I'm using other

'memory eater' things to do :)


my specs is

i5-5200u 2.2ghz

gt920m 2gb

4gb ram

win 8.1 x64


any ideas?

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I see you've got a GT920m, are you sure the game is using that and not the Intel HD? What's the dedicated memory for your GT920m?

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oh sorry, forgot to tell


as I say before, my dedicated vram is 2gb, and I believe if using intel hd should be

sufficient to play the game, because it uses system ram as vram? *imo

I've done tweaking there and that, whatever involving an apps using integrated gpu

and switching it to the dedicated one.


all games runs fines, except IV :/

Edited by bravemanray7
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GT920m should handle the game better. Since it's a laptop, try changing it to high performance mode (in power options) and in Nvidia control panel make sure the game uses the GT920m.

Edit: Did you buy the game from Steam?

Edited by Kevin3014
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I did all of them like you said, but it still freezing :/

so far, the only way to make it work by increasing the dvmt value in bios

if there's such fixes or patch that could bypass the limitation like 'V does maybe? :dozing:


no, I didn't buy it from steam

It's a copy from my pc which I bought the dvd back in 2011

it actually a modded copy, but only a few cars, and a native trainer, nothing else

also, I had to copy my 'V from my PC to see if it's working... but maybe next time, I'm a bit busy right now

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-percentvideomem 1.0


-availablevidmem 1.5


That's all

I've read the topics on this section on how to use it

I guess these commands should do fine

Or maybe it wont load and instead, it ignore the command files, idk


Anyway, I did copy and play my 'V (took a long time Since I'm using a crossover method lan file sharing)

It did run the games and reads the vram properly

Which is 2048m permitted, it stutter badly, because of my small amount of ram hehe :D

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Try changing the commands to this.

-nomemrestrict-norestrictions-novblank-percentvidmem-availablevidmem 10

If that doesn't work, try following the steps below.

Open up Nvidia Control Panel
Go into 3D Settings --> Manage 3D Settings
Select the tab "Global settings"
And on 'Preferred Graphics Processor', choose 'High-performance NVIDIA processor'
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I finally did bypass the limitation :D

what I did is doing the shortcut method, where you make a shortcut of the game and

add those commandlines in target folder, I finally make it

after tweaking there and that by using my command, your commands

youtube's commands, it always end up being crashed to desktop right after

it about to start the game, when it says loading missions, the loading tone

stops, and after that the screen goes black, and the programs stopped working anymore


here's my latest commands

-percentvidmem 1.0-availablevidmem 40.5 (it shows 1333mb permitted)

I guess that, increasing dvmt is the only way to solve this problem

maybe after christmas, I could get another piece of ram

so I got a lot of space getting things done with no worries


thank you kevin for your help :D

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