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Xav Curbelo

[Poem] Scarlet of the Summer

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Xav Curbelo
Scarlet of the Summer

As soon as I saw her,

she shined in my life like no other.

Intense as scarlet and warm as the summer,

wanted her to be my fall spring and winter.

I saw her downs and her ups,

she enchanted me as I wrapped her in my arms.

On my back she drew little laps,

and her kiss was as soft as tulips in farms.

Although she still can't make up her mind,

I told her everything was fine.

For when she decides,

I'm willing to give her my life.

Afraid to hurt me she asked for time,

yet she knows she needs light.

For when she realizes,

I'll be willing to shine in her life.

I don't care for age gaps,

since life doesn't come with guides and maps.

Since when I saw her eyes glow,

I knew I'd share her my soul.

She asked me to stay with her,

and I told here I'll do so forever.

For when she sees I'm the one,

our lives will shine like the sun.

We both had our troubled lives,

in our backs a thousand knives.

If we are destined to suffer,

then together we'll be tougher.

It's up to her at the end,

if we eventually blend.

All I know is maybe I'm just a newcomer,

but I love the scarlet of the summer.


I'm not a poet at all, and I've never written before, but I did want to do this, and it came from the deepest of me, so yeah.

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Mokrie Dela

I liked it. For a first go it wasn't bad at all. Rhyming didn't feel too forced, and it flowed recently. Keep working and you'll write better and better, but for now, well done

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