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Happy 25th Anniversary Grand Theft Auto!

buying SSD/New 1TB drive


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Being that I'm archaic and never got around to upgrading my drives I'm still stuck on f*cking IDE drives which ain't too fun. Respect to WD for making drives that last since 2007 but it's time to get gone so for christmas gifts I asked for a 64GB Crucial SSD and a 1TB WD drive which brings me a problem.


My first current drive is split into two partitions; Windows which is 59.0GB and another partition for projects/work which is 52.6GB. The second drive is just a 200GB which has all my music/movies/games/sh*t on it and the question is what's the best way to migrate this from the old drives to the new? I was thinking copy the storage/projects files onto the 1TB drive then either image the Windows installation onto the SSD or do a new Windows installation.


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I was thinking copy the storage/projects files onto the 1TB drive then either image the Windows installation onto the SSD

That sounds like the best plan to me: making sure your data is safe first.


I'm surprised you chose a 64GB SSD, I've used most of the space on my 120GB with just Windows and programs that aren't games. If it's not too late, switch to a 120GB or 240GB, that's where the value peaks.


HotUKDeals always knows the best prices on SSDs:



I got a 120GB SanDisk the other day for £27, and saw a 240GB for £40.

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My Windows installation never really uses much space, right now I got Windows 7 ultimate with Sony Vegas 13, Photoshop CS5 and a bunch of other stuff and it's barely over 30GB so I should be fine with a 64gb SSD. I keep games etc on another drive so I can reinstall Windows if needed and play stuff asap. The SSD is a christmas gift so I didn't want my family spending too much so I basically just asked for an SSD, a 1TB drive and an NZXT case :p


What can I use to image Windows though? As mentioned in first post I was on IDE drives for f*cking ages until a few days ago when I salvaged a SATA drive out of an old PVR but I couldn't make the Windows backup image thing work properly so I just said f*ck it and did a new install from USB.

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join the 11%

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