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The Yellow Snake


What in the future would you like to See?  

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  1. 1. Which of the following would you want to see destroyed?

    • Los Santos Police
    • Mafia De La Puerto
    • Mafia Espanol Carico
    • Los Santos Commanding Party
    • All of the above.

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The Yellow Snake
This little thread i made is for a storyline that i will make in time.gta_san_andreas__10_year_anniversary__wa
So i am going to tell the story about this storyline and the characters, factions, and what not

This is Daniel(Nicknamed Dan)The Main protagonist of the storyline.
When he was 15 years old,his Father died and his mother abandoned him and left him to fend for himself in Los Santos.
During all that time he learned a valuable lesson:Never trust the evil,only trust the good.
Now it is 2003 and he is 21 years old. He is older,more mature and still doesn't know what to do with his ending life in the corrupted city of Los Santos.
Officer Joshua Londiniam:The Main antagonist of the storyline.
He is a corrupted cop in his mid 30's and is exploiting the town and has the Mayor as a Prisonner in the LSPD
He is a cruel yet wise man who has Los Santos in his fingertips.
He is a long time friend of the Italian Mafia ''De La Puerto''
Antonio Sabonaz:A secondary Antagonist of the storyline.
Antonio came to power through drugs,leadership and fear.
He rules the De la Puerto and is from Venice,Italy.
His enemy Mafia is Espanol Carico which is situated on both Italians and Spaniards.
Currently he is indisposed and is away on a very long tour in Jamaica.
Benito Ortega:A third Antagonist of the storyline.
Benito came to power through expansion and drug dealership and his Part of the Mafia is called Espanol Carico
Currently Benito is sabatoging his rival Mafia's owned internet websites to prevent further extended Gun Running from Los Santos to Venice.
He is a sworn enemy of the De la Puerto and will do everything in his power to make sure they fall.
Due to the fact that he is of Spanish heritage he has low respect and is apparently on the losing side of the silent war.

LSCP:Los Santos Commanding Party:
The Commanding Party is a medium sized group of ex-military and are fighting against the corrupted LSPD. They are Currently situated on Ocean Docks and Jefferson Hotel and are halted by the advancing LSPD.

Mafia De La Puerto:A Gun Smuggling,Drug Dealing and Contract Killing Mafia.
They are at war with Espanol Carico and own the territories from Idlewood to Downtown Los Santos, They are supported by the LSPD.

Mafia Espanol Carico:An Independent Mafia that struggles to stay alive in Los Santos while the leader focus's on getting connections, They currently control territories from Ganton to Los Santos Arena.

The Commission:The Mafia Commission is responsible for maintaining order with the other Mafias.

There are currently 6 Mafias operating in San Andreas Which include:

Italian,Russian and Spanish Mafia's.

Currently there is a Mafia Rivalry in Los Santos and The Commission is staying Neutral until one of them either Rescues the Mayor or destroys The Los Santos Commanding Party.



The main story of this is that Daniel is going to rise from nothing to a legendary super power Man in a matter of time.
The choices depend on you.
Do you have the will to crush your enemies and Avenge your Father?
Find out the truth of his Murder!
Destroy The Mafias!
Help LSCP destroy Corruption!
Create Your Own Personal Army/Gang/Faction(Depending on comments on what people want).

Act 0:Prologue:Intro done.

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Hey dude.Nice title also photos.Like it,can't wait for this.

Goodluck :lol:


I can't wait to do this myself,starting to do it now.

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Great Dude Nice New member well done I love it Good Luck ;)


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