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Day of the Dead [Work In Progress]


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I cancelled Red Crucible cuz I was too exhausted to work on it.Sorry



San Andreas,2013..
Zombotech,San Fierro.
'A virus broke out from the facility.It escaped through the vents and killed
every scientist there.
However,the problem was..they did not stay alive.
This was the beginning of an infection that would swipe out the whole



Miles Harper:'My name is Miles Harper.I worked for the Zombotech facility
in San Fierro.'

Scott Diesel: A retired city businessman who comes to Mongotmery for holiday,
but it turns into a nightmare when the virus breaks out.

Drew Brailler: A ordinary truck driver with his partner Sal.
Sal Gatto: As said before,Drew's partner.

Tony Sanders: A SWAT member whose team was killed while defending the bridge
from the walkers.
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