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Nightcrawler for GTA San Andreas


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New Mod that I'm doing it will be the Nightcrawler He he will have of 4 Features Only

Teleports at the point marked on the map
Teleports in any direction (no need to put the marked it teleports so some meters)
Teleports up to the Pedestrian and teleports him in height of 50 meters above the ground
Teleports up to the Pedestrian and one kick in the head




Edited by AguiaX2
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I'm going to quote the mod showroom rules for you because it doesn't seem you have read them;



Showroom Rules

  • If you make a topic in the Showroom, your topic must have some sort of work done. Creating a thread with a bunch of ideas you have isn't allowed, you need to have a video or screenshot of your progress.
  • You're only allowed create topics for your own mod, creating a topic for a friends mod or another party isn't allowed.
  • All topics require a tag. When creating a topic, you need to select one of the available tags from the list that suits your mod best. You can use multiple tags but make sure the first tag you pick is the tag that you want people to see. When you select your tags, make sure you tick the "use first tag as prefix" box, this will show the first tag you selected next to your topic title in the Mod Showroom.
  • Nude mods are allowed except the screenshots in your topic need to be censored.



I'm going to let your topic stay for the next 24 hours so that you have enough time to edit your first post with some progress of your mod. If you have nothing to show for it, then your topic will be locked.

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