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Which one should I buy Intel pentium g3258 or AMD FX 4300

Sweet Bellic

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Pentium is only a dual core whereas the AMD FX is a quad core, Pentium scores a 4002 CPU mark whereas the FX scores 4640 so the FX-4300 would be the better choice but keep in mind you're still going to need a good graphics card and RAM to run it. This guy runs the FX4300/GTX760 and hits rougly 70fps on high settings so maybe something like that is a good option.


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Neither prefereably, they're both really weak for gaming in 2015. Normally I'd say get the Intel and clock the heck out of it but GTA V (and more games recently) doesn't like dual cores so I think your best bet would be the would be the FX.


Best case scenario, save up for something better altogether.

Edited by Andreaz1
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How much RAM do you plan on using? What about your GPU?

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I'm not well versed on CPU's etc but I'm pretty sure a low budget CPU like an FX-4300 would bottleneck the sh*t out of a 950/960.

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It wouldn't really, not a GPU that low in performance. But a 63xx isn't that much more expensive anyway.

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I thought the 960 was a pretty decent card? Or are the 950/960 the lower tier cards whereas the 970/980 are higher? Saw a build with triple SLI watercooled 980GTX's hnggggg the envy.

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950 and 960 are low-mid, 970 mid-high and 980 up is high. There's no real "midrange" NVidia offering at the moment.

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The pentium has less cores, but they're more powerful cores. But like others have mentioned, dual core cpus like the pentium are having stuttering and general performance problems in some new games like GTA V, so you should probably go with the FX 4300 (or an Athlon 860k) and overclock it to get better performance per core. Or get an i3 6100 or FX 6300 for a slightly more expensive (and powerful) option. The i3 still has two cores, but it has hyperthreading which largely prevents it from having the issues of the pentium in games. The i3 6100 also has the benefit of an upgrade path to high-end processors without having to get a new motherboard, so this may be something to keep in mind.


And to add to the discussion above, I also agree that a 950 or 960 will have little to no problem with the AMD FX processors. A GTX 970 or 980 yes, but these processors do just fine with $150-200 cards.

Edited by Cloudee
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