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Who is the boss?

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Well, doesn't sound weird that Lance let Tommy Vercetti in 1986 get Ricardo Diaz estate and the leadership of the gang?
During Vice City Stories Lance worked so hard to make his own empire and rules, despite the fact that there were some major bosses, Mendez and Diaz.
Is Vice City Stories just telling a story about gangster of medium level? And what happened of Vic's empire after the last mission? Just ''wiped out''?

Edited by Systasis

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Yeah Vance crime family was kicked aut. Probably becouse of DEA attention and enemy gang activities. As you can see in Vc Clymenus Suite isn't excist in 86. Probably destroyed by sharks or bikers. Since nothing (except Lance Apartment) left in city they moved with alive members to Panama (look at last Lance words in VCS). They find the cocaine and tried to sell it but thinks go wrong and vic dies. But poor bastard wasn't have power like vic so he made a plan. Stay on the Tommy side look at his empire building until things changes. Waiting for opportunity to betreal him and take over. When Sonny contacts him it was like dream to him. But he bad valculated it and get killed.

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I'm guessing that after Last Stand, Victor and Lance cut and run back to Panama, and sat on the coke until 1986. It may have been restlessness that got Vic back "into the game", along with his brothers' nagging. Or maybe their money ran out and the pressure was on Vic to provide again. Either way, I think Vic's empire was forcibly taken over and liquidated by Diaz before '84 was up; not that it would have meant particularly much to Vic. He only needed the profits and didn't hold much sentimental value towards his empire, unlike Tommy.

Edited by Helegad

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