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Fasted 2TB hard drive for my PS4?


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Yeah...I don't think I can last with my 500GB Hard Drive, already around 235GB left. Can anyone give me the fasted 2TB hard drive compatible with the PS4 with no failure?

Edited by IIOctaneII
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Well, you need to know that the PS4 uses a 2.5 inch SATA hard drive, which is similar to a hard drive found in a laptop. If you're looking for speed improvements, find a 7200 RPM drive. The PS4 uses a 5400 RPM drive standard.


This one has great reviews and seems to be the most liked choice out of the others that are available. Not a 7200 RPM drive, but it's still a good choice.

Edited by Android


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Their is currently a sale on Newegg for a 2TB 7200 RPM hard drive that is priced around $75. It has around 64 MB of buffer cache which should be more than enough. If you want to go in the hundred dollar territory... their is a 3 TB one that is 7200 RPM as well. $25 more and you can get a 4 TB, which I find a bit overkill as 2 TB should be more than adequate :p.

Edited by Vik
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the PS4 allows a max storage amount of 2TB. Can anyone confirm? That drive wont fit into the PS4, as well.

Edited by Android


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Well, your'e both right and wrong (regarding the drive being able to fit). The Nyko Data Bank allows up to 2 TB (just as much as the PS4 itself, but adding 2 TB+ may make some features have issues), while adding support for 3.5" drives. 3.5'' drives tend to be cheaper and at the price range ($30-$40), you really are only sacrificing aesthetics, a choice that OP would have to make. Personally, I would get the Nyko Bank and then get a 2 TB which should be, like I said, more than enough for this generation.


My fault for rushing that post however, OP may have not known about the Nyko Bank.

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Convert to PCMasterRace with its unlimited possibilities. You don't need that inferior low-class pile of potato dirt that can barely run Pacman.



Just kidding XD



With faster RPM, games will load faster like GTAV and other really big games like 50+ GB's. Just be carefull not to go over 2TB as explained above.

Edited by SilverRST
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Vik, I don't see why he'd need to buy a whole new "data bank" product, which is $40, and then buy another hard drive for $45+. Care to explain how I was wrong? :blink: I was right in the sense that a 3.5 inch hard drive definitely wont fit in a PS4, and that's when you suggested a completely different third party product. OP claimed he wanted speed and more storage, which can be easily found in an SSD or a mechanical 2.5 inch drive. The choice is up to him, but I don't see the need for the data bank unless he already has a 1TB+ desktop drive.


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I got a Samsung drive for the PS4, 2TB drive that cost about £60, it's working perfectly and as long as you pick one under 9.5mm thin it won't need anything external adding to fit it.


They are on Amazon, search "PS4 2TB"

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