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Happy 25th Anniversary Grand Theft Auto!

PC Rebooting


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ey guys!

I need some opinions. So it goes like this, yesterday I bought a new graphic card. Currently my specs are I7 processor 3.4 Ghz, 8GB RAM, GTX 970 4GB (my previous graphic card was AMD Radon R9 2GB), win7 Ultimate. After I open games such as GTA V (had it before and it worked) I play for about 30 sec (on very high) and my computer reboots. After that I changed my resolution to normal and I got to play a bit longer but there wasn't much difference. Yesterday I also bought Just Cause 3 and after I installed it today, the same thing happened. I play for about 10 sec and my computer restarts. I tried changing Just Cause screen resolution to the lowest and I got to play longer until it crashed. I also set texture quality to low but that didn't help. I also tried to play a few older games such as Ace of Spades and it worked fine (currently I'm installing BF4 to see what happens). I talked to a few guys and they said It's most likely the power supply since I have 650w, but nobody is competely sure. Now I have to decide between 2 things.

Either I buy a new power supply from the guy that installed my graphic card, he said it is most likely the problem but he is not 100% sure and he doesn't have the equipment to test my PC to the fullest. OR I give my PC to a Tech Company that will make sure what the problem is and then install a new power uspply or whatever is causing the problem. Now if I do that I'm going to have to pay a lot more so I want some opinions, if the power supply is the problem I'd rather give it to the first guy and he will have it done in a few days, but I don't want to buy a new supply and then the problems isn't fixed. So what are your opinions? Is it the power supply? Or should I give it to a tech company and let them test it?

Hope I can get some answers, I really wanted to play Just Cause 3 and now I can't even play my previous games...

Sry for any english mistakes, not my native language.


Edited by TheGuyBehindYou
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What brand is the PSU? How old is it? I don't have much experience with this type of situation, but if it reboots while trying to play a game, it may certainly be the PSU.


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2 months ago, I was having problems running modern games, once my computer started getting under load, it would shut down, it turned out to be the power supply, same as you, I was able to play games that didnt have intense graphics with no problems, GTA V would finish loading and within seconds of game play starting, the computer would shut off. couldnt even do Kombustor testing.


sent the power supply in to Corsair for warranty replacement, got the new one in and everything worked fine.


I have a theory that the same thing is happening to a friends computer after I gave him my old power supply and video card earlier this summer, it runs his AMD card just fine, but not my old MSI 660ti, same manufacture of power supply, Corsair.

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(my previous graphic card was AMD Radon R9 2GB)

This says nothing, what model was it exactly? The first thing I would check are the temperatures you are getting while gaming as that's very easy to do. Something could be overheating. If not, then what exact PSU do you have?


same manufacture of power supply, Corsair.

That doesn't say much either. Corsair makes lots of different PSU's with different OEM's, some are good while some are not.
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It's the power supply. I'm 100% sure it's causing your reboot problems. The fact that it reboots whenever you start up a graphical intensive game gives two possibilities:


1. The power supply is defunct. Something inside of it crapped out and should be replaced.


2. The power supply is being maxed out.


Try turning off the hyperthreading of your i7 and see if there's any change. Even if it's a little one. If there's none then it's possibility 1.


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